Dear Steve,

When Hillary and Obama were duking it out some wondered if she would win because of the “women shall rule over them” scripture. What if that scripture ends up applying but to Palin rather than Hillary?

Pat Higgins

Dear Pat,
I’m familiar with the prophetic scripture in Isaiah 3:12 that you cited. Maggie Thatcher and Golda Meir have already “ruled” over the modern tribes of Ephraim and Judah. Other European nations descended from the ten tribes have also had elected female leaders and ceremonial female monarchs. Queen Elizabeth of England is the longest-ruling female monarch that I know of in modern times. Whether Sarah Palin will develop into an American version of Maggie Thatcher is speculative at this point. Time will tell. However, if I had to vote on a choice between the current “community organizer” now in the White House and ex-Governor Palin, I’d vote for Palin…in a heartbeat. At least, I’d trust her instincts.