Popular Science magazine published in April, 2013 a most interesting article which examined the current efforts of NASA, DARPA, etc. to develop a “warp drive” capability. As many Sci-Fi fans know, the term “warp drive” was used in the Star Trek series to describe a faster-than-light speed capability for the star-ships in that series. I think the Star Wars movies called it “hyper-drive,” and the Battlestar Galactica series called it an “FTL drive.
The article is not about some crack-pot theorist. It is about the very-serious efforts of a NASA scientist to develop this capability and the effort is being “funded by DARPA.”  DARPA is the super-secret US agency which funds and develops secret weapons and cutting-edge technological capabilities. This article indicates DARPA sees merit in this effort or it wouldn’t be funding it.
Warp-speed capability will never be attained via any combustion-type rocket engines that nations use today to launch satellites or what the USA used to send astronauts to the moon. An entirely new form of propulsion is necessary. As the article explains, the theoretical key to traveling faster than the speed of light is developing the ability to create some kind of “bubble” in space-time through which a space vehicle would be propelled through space-time at a rate faster than any vehicle could travel in normal space-time. You will have to read the article to get a technical description of how this type of “bubble” could be generated, but, if developed, it is reported that it would make it possible to travel to the nearest star outside our solar system “in two weeks.”
The stated goal is to develop this type of capability “within the next 100 years.” The military implications of such a development are incalculable. Any nation that developed this type of technology would rule the other nations. The article indicates that progress in attaining this goal is just in the beginning stages. However…
It is also true that the true state of development that NASA/DARPA have attained in this field would never be revealed to the public in any article. If you have watched any of the numerous cable-TV programs about UFOs, ancient aliens, etc., there are abundant examples of UFOs being photographed which suddenly shoot away at a speed so great that they virtually “disappear” instantaneously. Are they leaving at warp-speed? I’ve long been convinced that some UFOs are secret military space vehicles being developed by the USA and, perhaps, other nations. It is possible that some of the instantly disappearing UFOs are not actually taking off at warp speed, but are merely going invisible via the use of an invisibility “cloaking” technology being engaged around the craft. Invisibility technology is already being developed and scientific articles have acknowledged successes at developing this technology already via the bending of light waves around an object to make it “disappear” to any viewer. There are a number of posts in this blog’s archives on the topic of invisibility technology and how this technology could fulfill a variety of latter-day prophecies.
I’m going to share something I’ve never put in print re: UFOs. My father, before he died years ago, told me of an account given to him by a friend of his before his death. This is, therefore, a second-hand account and you can reject or believe it. I believe it. His friend was a truck-driver for years and was driving through an uninhabited, remote area of the USA. He was driving at night without any lights on due to an electrical problem. As he was driving, he saw ahead of him a mountain-side open up and two aerial flying objects (UFOs) quickly flew out of it. The aperture quickly closed, giving the impression of a barren landscape on the mountains-side. This event happened “decades ago” according to the individual (who is also now dead). He pulled his truck to the side of the road and then drove past the particular mountainside at least a half-hour later with his lights on so no one at the site would realize he had witnessed what had occurred. I won’t reveal what American state in which this reportedly occurred. If true, it means the USA has had aerial weapons systems far beyond the capability of normal warplanes for some time. The existence of such advanced weaponry is consistent with Revelation 13:4’s prophecy that when the “beast” power of Revelation is revealed, the nations will say “who is able to make war with him?” In other words, the beast system will unveil such advanced weapons systems that the nations will be cowed into submitting to the new beast authority. I think these technologies already exist.
Let’s consider biblical possibilities on the subject of warp drive. Genesis 11:6 has a statement by God himself that mankind can reach a tipping point of technological development where it is on the verge of literally doing anything “which they have imaged to do” (KJV). This account cites God making this observation at a time just several generations after the deluge of Noah’s time. The standard viewpoint that mankind was then building a tall ziggurat at the tower of Babel is not at all credible. God couldn’t care less about how tall mankind wants to make its buildings and any ancient mud-brick tower would have collapsed of its own weight before it got very high without rebar and reinforced concrete. The “tower of Babel” was something so technologically advanced that God felt the need to take radical action: to confuse all the languages of mankind so they could not possibly cooperate in completing the project. Obviously, none of the new languages included the ability to speak or read the pre-Flood language which contained all the pre-Flood technological secrets that post-Flood mankind was then in the process of rebuilding. This action by God made all mankind illiterate in an instant as God gave them new phonetic languages but no written languages to go with them. This led to the nations developing all kinds of new systems over the next few centuries to express their new languages in written forms, leading modern mankind to wrongly assume that mankind had never previously had a written language prior to the development of the writing systems of ancient civilizations that gradually morphed into today’s languages over time. If you would like an insight into how far advanced the pre-Flood and the pre-Babel, post-Flood societies were, I invite you to listen to my free audio message entitled, As It Was in the Days of Noah, on the speeches page of my website. However, I’ll give you a “teaser.”
Moses, the author of Genesis, tried to relate high-tech concepts in low-tech language (as did the apostle John in the book of Revelation). Genesis 11:1-5 states that at Babel mankind was building a “tower” (a tall, erect structure) whose “top” (the Hebrew word is “rosh“, meaning “head”) would reach “unto heaven.” Notice Genesis didn’t state the entire tower would go into the heavens, only the head or top portion of this tower would reach into the heavens. Do we today have “towers” whose top portions (nose cones) reach unto the heavens? Yes we do. They are rockets with astronauts or satellites in the nose cones or “head” portion of our “towers” (rockets) that are shot into the heavens. Now consider that Jesus Christ prophesied that the latter days of our current age on earth prior to his Second Coming would be a mirror image of the pre-Flood world (Matthew 24:37). Add to that the prophecy in Daniel 12:4 that in the latter days, “knowledge shall be increased.” The Hebrew word for “increased” is the same one used to describe how the waters “increased” on the face of the earth during the deluge of Noah in Genesis 7:17. In other words, this meant the latter days would see an exponential, not incremental increase in knowledge. That prophecy has been fulfilled in our time as knowledge has increased exponentially in the last century or so. If some cryptic writing of Nostradamus had been fulfilled so precisely in our time, it would be proclaimed everywhere. Since the Bible is the source of this precisely fulfilled prophecy, mankind would prefer to ignore it.
Will mankind ever be able to develop a “warp drive” capability? My own view is that mankind does not yet have the ability to travel at warp speed even in its secretly-funded DARPA air/space vehicles. However, given what God said in Genesis 11:6, I believe mankind would eventually be able to travel at warp speed if God allowed time to go on long enough for mankind to develop that capacity. I seriously doubt that God will allow modern mankind enough time to develop that capability, but that is just my opinion. The true state of mankind’s development of warp-drive technology is likely known only to God and DARPA.