hello mr.Collins I love your blog and your books and believe your Blog is reaching so many poeple that have lived in the dark for so long..I am going to start to send my tithe money to you its not much but I truly believe that this blog is true serivice to many poeple..and we appreciate you taking your own time to reserach and write this blog almost every day…But I have to disagree with you on are military/goverment being alseep…coming from a military family where almost every male has served in one of the branches of the military since ww2…I also read about the chinese sub that got close to are carrier and i was told by a family member in the navy that it was more about that crew and the officers being alseep at the wheel that caused that to happen…and that the navy did not take it well at all….it would be hard for any country to take all 11 US carriers out…there never in one place… you would have to hunt them all over the world…I know if the
  U.S can know that a russian sub is off the coast of the U.s. that we can know that around are fleet…the most dangerous time of a sub is when its firing missles are firing torpedoes…both give the sub away…every battle group as you know has U.s. attack subs that defend the group…if any missles where fired at a u.s battle group…the U.s attack subs with hunt them down like dogs with the most stealthy and advanced subs in the world..I know you will disagree with what I am about to say…but when the bible talks about unwalled villages the first thing I think off is europe…that has allowed there militaries to fall apart so that they can support socialist programs….I would not call the U.s unwalled villages…could this magog attack mostly be on europe…they would be ripe for a attack…the U.s would not be with the most nukes of any country…and with subs that could wipe all flesh off the face of the planet with one call from the president…i always believed that
  when the bible talked about a magog attack on israel…that europe would get most of the war…they have no military power that could come close to repelling a Russian attack…they are so dependent on the U.s military to defend them…I just believe that they(china/russia) would not have the rocks to attack the United states…even a weakened u.s militray could inflict a blow to both countries…you have to believe we have the same horrible weapons that both russia and china have…..and they know that even a badly wounded u.s could take them with us at anytime…what is your view…?

You make good points and ask questions that need to be shared with all readers. I’m aware of the current carrier defenses that include having American attack submarines as escorts for their protection. For a long time, the US carrier defenses have been very good. However, my blogs have documented two new threats to US carrier groups that were not in the Russian-Chinese arsenal for decades. These weapons are the sizzler supersonic cruise missiles and ballistic missiles with very long range that can target aircraft carriers wherever they may be. My blogs have reported that the US is developing a defensive system to counter the ballistic missiles, but, so far, no defensive system has apparently been deployed that will defeat the supersonic cruise missiles. I very much hope that such a defensive system exists, and I speculated recently that the participation of numerous US warships in a joint Israeli missile defense exercise with the Israelis might have included a test of a new US system to counter supersonic cruise missiles.
However, when the Gog-Magog war begins, Russia, China and their allies will use every asymmetrical tactic they can think of to simultaneously attack each of our carrier groups. As you realize, some carriers are always in port and are stationary targets. If a hostile sub or unsuspected surface ship fired cruise missiles at them, they would be sitting ducks if their defensive weapons systems are not in “active” mode. It is true that a sub gives away its position when it fires cruise missiles or torpedoes, but the Gog-Magog alliance would be happy to sacrifice several subs if those subs got close enough to fire supersonic cruise missiles at our carriers. Also some attacks will be asymmetrical. Cruise missiles could be fired from aircraft passing overhead when war breaks out or even from seemingly-innocent merchant ships which could be pre-equipped to fire cruise missiles at US carrier groups when war breaks out. The oceans have numerous Chinese merchant ships delivering Chinese-made goods to other nations. Any one of them could be modified to fire cruise missiles if their routing was arranged to have them pass near a carrier group when a “Pearl Harbor” type attack was scheduled to begin.
Keep in mind I’m warning about what “the other side” could plan to do; I’m not predicting their plans will succeed. I’ve blogged that Ezekiel 39:3 indicates that many of the missiles (“i.e. “arrows” in ancient terms for long-distance weaponry flying through the air) launched by the Gog Magog alliance will either not work or be shot down.
You are correct that Europe would bear the brunt of an all-out attack by Russia and its allies. Europe is militarily weak and in no condition to defeat such an attack without US help.  However, Ezekiel 38 identifies the primary direction of the attack as being from the north (verse 15). Joel 2:20 agrees. The only practical way to attack the US by ground forces would be for Russia and China to seize parts of Alaska and mount an airlift and sealift of troops and weaponry into Alaska and attack the US and Canada from the north. Europe could also be attacked from the Russian base of Kaliningrad in the north part of the European mainland and from the numerous Russian forces stationed in the Kola Peninsula (north of Scandinavia).
Revelation 16:12 talks about a great attack by the “kings of the east” attacking western in the end time, and I think that is Revelation’s term for the Gog-Magog alliance.  Russia, Iran and their allies would surely attack the Israelis and Europe from the east. Daniel 11:44-45 indicates that the latter-day attacks from the north (Ezek. 38 and Joel 2) and the east (Rev. 16) will be simultaneous.