Hello Steven,

I am interested in your opinion of where all the gold went that was gifted to Yahshua?  I was wondering if much of it was given to uncle Joseph. 
On latter chapters of Lost tribes found. I am stunned! Your work helped me to identify my roots… I am Scythian. I was going to file a lawsuit against Judah for keeping me from returning to the land of my inheritance without authorization but, we are not to take our brother before men. So, I guess Yahweh will have to open the door. 

Don Dalhover

Dear Don,
I think you correctly answered your own question about the gold that was given to Jesus by the Parthian Magi. In my book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, I make the case that Joseph was a relative of Jesus and was able to hold the gold essentially in trust for Jesus until he reached the age of maturity. The Bible relates that Jesus was able to travel without any visible means of support during his ministry, and his group even gave gifts to the poor (John 12:5). Judas was the Treasurer (John 13:29) and there was enough in that account to tempt him to become an embezzler (John 12:6). This argues that there was so much money there that Judas thought his thefts would go unnoticed. After Jesus died, the remainder of his gold could have reverted to Joseph of Arimathea’s control, and Joseph would surely have taken care of Mary, Jesus’ mother with those funds.
Congratulations on discovering your historical Scythian/Parthian heritage. I mention those two ancient nations together as both were descended from the ten tribes of Israel and both migrated into Europe after the fall of Parthia’s empire. The Bible does give us an indication on the order of return to the Promised Land by the tribes. While Ezekiel 48 tells us that all the tribes will have at least contingents of their number in respective territorial allotments in the Messianic Age/Millennium, Zephaniah 2:3-8 only mentions “Judah” as being in the Promised Land prior to “the day of the Lord’s anger.”