This post is to let readers of this blog know the reason for some technical glitches that have been occurring at my website. One day the entire website went down, and yesterday I planned a post which referred readers to one of my speeches’ link when I found it had become inactive. I was unaware that the link had turned inactive, and that a page from an altogether different website came up on people’s screens instead of my website’s link. I will be posting that once the link is corrected. I apologize that this happened.
I’m not a “techie” person, so I’ll explain the reason for the glitches as well as I can. My entire website and many other websites were being “migrated” from one server to another, much larger server by my web-hosting service. The web-hosting service is not managed by my website’s webmaster so neither of us knew that was happening. As this process was underway at my webhosting service, these technical glitches have occurred. I hope that the aformentioned link will return to an “active” state as soon as possible. I’ve spoken with a person at the webhosting service on the telephone about the problem and these glitches should be resolved shortly.
Thanks for your patience, and I hope that there will not be any more instances of links at my website being inactive when I thought they were accessible. I’ve checked a large number of links at my website today, and could find no other links that were currently inactive, although some were slow to activate.