Thank you for the quick response.  I see now how you derived the approximation and staying with the Bible itself is often the best course of action.  Originally, I thought you had a secular source for the date.  I have seen 745 BC and 743 BC but I had not seen the 741 BC from a secular source and that intrigued me.  Many secular scholars either ignore dating this event or give a “sloppy” date.  It may not mean a lot to them but for you and me it does mean a lot (their lack of professional is annoying).  I have all of your books except for the last one (newest one).  I’ll get that soon.

Thanks for your great scholarship and research.

 Steve Stavro


P.S. I saw that you have a video project underway.  What stage of production are you?  And have you done a straight forward video interview (one-on-one) on this subject in the past?   Something already produced.  I have a one-hour program on our local access channel and I play Christian documentaries and videos.  It would be good to air your views on the Tribes and prophecy.  Just a thought.

Thanks for your positive feedback about my research efforts. I always try to do careful research as the importance of the topics demands it.
While I would love to have a video project under way, there is currently no video project being done due to lack of funds. I’m hoping that in God’s timetable for things, he will make such a video project possible so many more people can learn the truth about the origins of many modern nations and the profound accuracy of the Bible’s narratives and prophecies. Those who wish to make a contribution toward making a video project come to pass can make an on-line donation at the PayPal icon at my website.