Been reading your article “Two Witnesses.” Have you noticed the Elijah dwelt exclusively with the house of Israel and had no dealings whatsoever with the house of Judah (with the exception of the letter you mentioned) and John the Baptist dwelt exclusively with the house of Judah while having no contact whatsoever with the house of Israel. This raises an interesting question as to just who the “you” is in “Behold, I will send you…” in Mal 4. Elijah was an Israelite and John the Baptist was a Jew. The first “Elijah” dealt with Israel and the second “Elijah” dealt with Judah. So who will the third “Elijah” (Mal. 4) deal with? Both, I believe. That being said, the third “Elijah” will no doubt be preaching Christianity when Mal. 4 is fulfilled. How will the Jews receive him? Will the Jews receive him? 
There’s no mention in Scripture that the Two Witnesses will have any contact with Israel or Judah during their ministry. I believe they will—but I can’t quote chapter and verse to prove it.   
Just thinking out loud.


You bring up an interesting point about Elijah and John the Baptist. It raises the possibility that one of the Two Witnesses will be from modern Israel and one from modern Judah. I agree with you that the modern “Elijah” has to be Christian, and since Elisha had a “double portion of Elijah’s spirit, the Two Witnesses fit the twosome of Elijah and Elisha very well. I also expect that they will deal with both Israel and Judah (and many other nations as well).