My website, which has articles, video messages and blog posts following the progression of biblical prophecies through the latter days, examines many serious and ominous issues. That can’t be helped as the Bible indicates the latter days will be a very serious and challenging time. However, we all could use some good news or at least some encouraging inspiration. I hope that I’m able to give some encouraging inspiration to the readers of this website by passing along this link. This link has a song which expresses a longing for a world free of war, hunger, etc. In other words, the kind of peaceful conditions that will come to the earth after the return of Jesus Christ. It is sung by a young girl with a voice that is mature far beyond her years. Some of the terminology in the song reflects biblical passages so I assume the singer was a Christian. The introductory language to the link indicates the singer’s name is Jackie Evancho and her song is To Believe.
I hope you find this as enjoyable and inspiring as I did. My thanks to the reader who sent this link.
After hearing this song, I think many of you will want to forward it to others.