In America, fireworks displays are a traditional part of many festivities on our July 4th Independence Day celebrations. In that spirit, I am offering this link to readers as it is, in my opinion, the best fireworks display I’ve ever see in person or on the Internet. The reason this fireworks display is so awesome is that it is a computer-generated or “actualized” fireworks display which is set to inspiring music. Nevertheless, the effect it has is awesome!

While watching this computerized fireworks performance, I thought of Genesis 11:6 in which God observed that once mankind reaches a certain “tipping point” of knowledge, “nothing” that mankind imagines will be impossible. Given that modern mankind has now attained a very high tech level of civilization and that this level of knowledge is increasing exponentially as time goes by, it is only a certain amount of time until the sequentialization and patterning of fireworks displays in reality will match what you see generated in this computer display.

Have a Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Americans and best wishes from America to all readers in other nations!