This post is to announce that I will be taking a temporary writing hiatus from posting to my blog or writing articles for my website. This is being done at the very strong recommendation of a doctor who has been treating me. While readers know I have been enduring various chronic pains for years, my lower back/sciatica pains are now so bad I could not even put on my shoes for two days and can barely move around without great pain. It was agonizing to try and put on my socks today. These (and other) chronic pains have gone on for so many years that I am emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. An ER visit gave me a shot of morphine which did little for pain relief. An MD prescribed higher doses of morphine in tablet form but that also gave little pain relief. I’m now on a prescribed mix of a muscle relaxer, a new painkiller and trigger-point massage therapy for pain relief. A doctor has all but ordered me to stop blogging for a few months to try to help me heal. I will miss blogging. I hope God heals me quickly so my voice can come alive again on the internet. If God heals me rapidly, I plan on returning to writing at my website again promptly. I can say that my experince with chronic/acute pain has given me a lot of empathy and compassion for all those suffer pain from whatever source!
In the meantime, all book orders at my website (for printed books or E-books) will be processed normally. Additionally, I’ll still send a new monthly list of current and interesting bonus links to all those who make donations to support the fixed monthly costs of keeping my website available on the internet.
During the hiatus, I urge visitors to my website to read the articles and listen to the audio messages found there. Also, there are over 1300 posts in my blog archives.
The archives hold a treasure trove of information you won’t see or hear on any establishment media site. For example, I think many readers will be amazed at what can be found in the postings about Chinese nanotechnology weapons, invisibility technology, secret high-tech developments being worked on around the world, etc. Did you know the Russians had a doomsday machine in the Cold War days called “Dead Hand” which would have fired nukes at the rest of the world even if all Russians had been killed in a global war? You can find the link about it with my post on that topic in the Archives. Since many of the archived links address topics which are about the biblical significance of modern world developments, most of the posts have not gone out of date and are just as relevant for the modern world and believers today as when they were first written.
While on the writing hiatus, I’ll do occasional blog posts which will simply offer important and informative links without commentary from me. Longtime readers will understand the biblcial/prophetic contexts that apply to those links.
I really do solicit prayers from readers that God will heal my pains, restore my energies and replace my emotional, mental and spiritual exhaustion with reinvigoration so I can write again more fervently than ever before. I admit, I’ll be impatiently waiting for that healing and restoration to happen.