I dabble in genealogy and have managed through connecting to other trees managed to push my geneaology back not only to every country in the British isles but also france and germany.I have also connected several different ways to kingly lineages from hennry the 2,Edward Longshanks,Alfred the Great,Kenneth mac Alpin you name it.Now I can’t verify these trees back that far and have to take em on faith.I Believe in the overturn,overturn,overturn theory in that the high kings of Ireland,scotland and england are all related and that the seed of david flows through them all from heremon and tea tephi right through the present monarchs and possibly me as well if the genealogies are correct.The problem is as I attempt to trace the genaology of Heremon Eochaid Tephis would be traceable through Zedekiah to Judah and hence back to Adam)that heremons geneaologies(everyone I can find online anyway) go bach to Japeth.Now I know most people believe the white race came from japeth,i personally don’t.I feel as you do they came from Shem and the yellow race came from japeth.Why is it all these geneaologies go back to japeth from heremon through miletus back through a bunch of names including heber scot to japeth?some acknowledge this goes through the scythians but they claim the scythians were japethetic
 ???somehwere I think someone has been filling in the blanks with guesses and the guessed wrong somewhere befoe they got back to noah.It makes little difference to me if my blood is royal or not but it would be cool to have a traceable ,trustable line back to Adam.Where do you think the mistake was made?

Dear Al,
I am not a genealogist so I lack the training to make any commentary on your genealogical information. However, I’ll comment on the “Shem-Japheth” issue.
It is a common misconception that the white race came from Japheth, but this error is based on the misconception that the Jews are the only Semites. The term “anti-Semite” has fed that erroneous understanding. However, the Jews (the tribe of Judah) are only one tiny branch of the Semitic family. All the other tribes of Israel (Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, many Europeans and others), Ishmaelites (Arabs), Edomites (Turks and others), Assyrians (old Prussians/East Germans), Elamites (other Eastern Europeans), Arameans, the descendants of Abraham’s concubines which he sent away eastward into Asia in Genesis 25:6 (the “(A)Brahmins” and others of India), the descendants of Abraham via Keturah in Genesis 25:1-4 (also nations found in Eastern Europe), the Ammonites and Moabites (the Jordanians are the Ammonites–I’m not sure about the Moabites) are all Semitic people as well. Genesis 10:21f lists the initial Semitic families. The Israelites didn’t even come into being until these other Semitic nations already existed. 
Some legitimate confusion exists about the Scythians. The Scythian tribes named after Isaac (the “Sacae” tribes) were Semites. However, there were also Scythians tribes called “Turanian” tribes who had a descent which was non-Israelite. They could well have been the seed of Japheth. Also, some descendants of Japheth do live in Europe today. The Huns of Attila left part of their tribes in Hungary, and Hungary’s ethnic groups include people with obvious Oriental features.