Dear Mr. Hoops and Mr. Collins,

     May God’s kind and many blessings be with you today and always, in
the Righteous Name of our Savior and God, Yeshua the Messiah.  Amen.

     Brothers, after reading your writing on the serpent seed doctrine, I
was compelled to stop everything and write you a note!!  I cannont
THANK YOU ENOUGH for your well-researched and Scripturally based
refutation of the so-called serpent seed doctrine.  You literally, have
been an answer to prayer that I have been praying for almost a year
now.  I will explain…

     Recently, some people that I truly respect and KNOW are saved, came
to me with this doctrine.  Right off the bat, I rejected it because of
my knowledge of Scripture and because I know that the Scriptures, among
othe things, clearly state that “Adam knew his wife Eve and she
conceived and bare a son and called his name Cain, for she said…” 
Well, right there, the serpent seed doctrine, to me, was a lie and that
was that.  It sounded contrived and made-up to me, but also seemed very
evil. However, my friends persisted in this belief and then I started to
meet other Believers who believed the same thing. I held strong and
continue to reject it, based on the Holy Spirit inside me and what I
know of the Scriptures and my commitment to the Truth of God, which I
know He reveals to me each day.  Well, finally the people sent me to
someone named Pastor Arnold Murray, whom they swore by.  I began
listening to this man quite a bit, and while he seemed knowledgeable in
the Word of God, EVERYTHING he teaches is tainted with this “Kenite
stuff and the serpent seed doctrine.”  He teahes this madness with all
authority and makes it seem like it is the truth in your face, and
anyone who doesn’t understand it or believe it is stupid.  This still
seemed “made up” so I began to do my own Bible search and prayed to
Almighty God for Truth (which I believed I already had!).

     After a thorough search of the Scriptures, prayer and trust in
Jesus, I not only came to see that this really IS A LIE (hence the Holy
Spirit causing me to reject it), but it is also a very evil, filthy and
dangerous doctrine!!  My prayer and studies led me to search out the
Hebrew texts as well as various Bible versions and EACH time, the Holy
Spirit pointed out the same things!!  I can honestly say that I knew God
would help me refute this evil doctrine.  In addition, I learned some
valuable lessons and Truths along  the way.  the serpent seed doctrine
glorifies satan and NOT the Creator of the universe – Almighty God.  The
bottom line here is that God has anwered my prayers and He alone is
WORDS OF THE MESSIAH!!!  My search led me to an even greater knowledge
of the Truth about Genesis and I see clearly that the evil serpent seed
doctrine glorifies Satan and is truly deceiving many, many Christians!! 
I will NOT allow this to go on in my “circle” of Christian living and I
THANK GOD, AND THANK YOU for your article which is not only the pure
Truth, but has helped me to see and understand other Scriptures that the
Holy Spirit was instinctively telling me that this is a lie.  THANK YOU
for taking the time to write this article!!  I will be directing all
those to it who are espousing this evil doctrine.  I am so very blessed
and humbled that God has directed me  to stand for the Truth and that He
is Truth that we can stand on.  This morning, I felt the need to get on
the internet (something I usually do not do) to see exactly where this
doctrine came from and the Holy Father led me to your article.  Praise
God!!  In helping me to refute this filthy  doctrine, you will be
setting free those in my “circle” and then they will go and tell the
other deceived people that they know the real Truth also.  If one is set
free, God is glorified.  May God bless you many times for your love of
His Truth and your courage and holy boldness to speak it to the people
of God.

     Be encouaged in your on-going studies in God’s Word, and I must say
again, that your love of Truth in writing your sermon/apologetic has
set me free and given me strength.  I smile today because of your
obedience and diligence in the Scriptures.  Blessings from God and peace
be with you!!

     Oh, did I fail to mention that I will be sending Pastor Murray a
letter, encouraging him to re-examine this doctrine and letting him know
I am praying for his enlightenment?  The good news is that God hears
ALL may prayers. . .

     I hope you are as encouraged by this message as I am with your
sermon.  I welcome your response.

Stay Strong, Stand Strong and Carry On for the glory of His Blessed
Name!!  Amen!!!

“The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Aveechayil Shamah


Dear Tina,

Thank you for your very positive feedback on an article I co-authored
with a pastor named Bob Hoops years ago. I’m glad you found our article
on the subject as all-too-many people have been seduced by the “serpent
seed” doctrine, which is a heresy that is opposed to biblical truths.