Thank you so much for your write up on your website on the serpent seed doctrine.  Yesterday, a friend of mine who claims to be Christian, handed me a photocopy of the sermon notes of Rev. W. M. Brahnham, On the serpent seed.  As soon as my friend started talking about this doctrine, things did not sound right.  Alot of what he said was outlined in your webstie, and i found myself saying, this serpent seed doctrine does not match up to what scripture in the Bible says.  It didn’t take long to do a google search and come across  your website “serpent seed heresy”  I haven’t read the serpent seed sermon notes given to me, actually i am scared to read them because they are a false doctrine and are a deceiving doctrine.  My friends wife is a Christian (they are currently split up) and i forwarded her your web page warning her about the dangers of this false doctrine.  She was very thankful  that i forwarded your website to her and she is going to try and speak with her husband. I also am hoping i can point out the falsities of this doctrine.

I live in Australia, and i did stumble across one of their web sites and it didn’t take me long to exit out of it.  Tell me something, is this doctrine what the Klu Klux Klan base their beliefs on.

Praise the lord that he was able to give me a discerning spirit against this teaching.  But i was so grateful to find you website which confirmed my suspicions.

Yours in Christ.

David Storey


Dear David,
I also praise the Lord that you had a discerning spirit to sense the falsity of the serpent seed doctrine, and to do a websearch to check it out. It is very gratifying to learn that you found my website and article on the “serpent seed heresy” which exposes the errors of that teaching. I first encountered that heresy about two decades ago. It is entirely contradictory to the scriptures, and its sole purpose seems to be to give anti-Jewish racists an excuse to justify their anti-Jewish attitudes.
Please do send my article on this subject to anyone who gets exposed to this spiritual “virus” of a teaching. I do not know if the Ku Klux Klan has any connection to this teaching or not. I hope that you will also benefit from my others articles, audio messages, blogs, etc. at my website.