Good morning Steve! 

This is regarding an email that I sent you yesterday. I always do this…I send something, then regret it. I think that I have figured out what I was asking you…in that the church is the rest of the saints are the other part of the church which did not have enough oil, or the 144,000. And I know that Babylon the Great is made up of economic, religious, political components. Sometimes it just all gets muddled in my head, especially the way it is written in such a dream-like manner, and not necessarily always in the proper sequence that it will unfold in.  If you choose to comment on my ramblings, maybe you could leave my name out of it, as it becomes embarrasing sometimes to appear so stupid. When I was in WWCG, 95% of the sermons were on “the government of God”, and so little was taught on Rev, or prophecies (other than the place of safety/Germany attacks ) thing, and I grew up in the Church of Christ, which of course never taught prophecy at all, they said Rev. was just a vision, the old testamnent done way, etc. Anyway, thanks for your time, I know you have to get frustrated with some of these questions, but thanks for helping us muddle through anyway. You are a bigger blessing than you will ever know!
This email sounds like you have essentially answered the questions you posed in your earlier email. Many churches have ignored biblical prophecy for so long that their members have no real preparation for understanding or facing the challenging times that lie ahead of us. Thanks for your very positive comments about my website. I will continue to try and provide good biblically-based information for people to read.
Might I ask for your prayers on my personal issues? I’m dealing with persistent painful sciatica, a very chronically-sore right shoulder,  and the stressful aftermath of my divorce. I could really use a few “prayer warriors” out there who ask God to heal and help me so I can be more effective in his service!