Hello Sir

I would like to order all four books but I notice that the first of the series is out of print. When will the reprint be available. Also, how do I get to the publisher`s website – I need to pay by credit card as I am live in Africa and it therefore is the easiest way to make payment?


Helmut Burger


Dear Helmut,
All four books in my current series on the history of the ten tribes of Israel are in print and can be ordered without any problem. The first book in that series, The Origin and Empire of Ancient Israel, is in print. The book that is out-of-print is my initial book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! The four-book set that is now available was based on that initial book, but the expanded four-book set includes photos of ancient artifacts, many illustrations, new information, indexes, etc. You may order the books on-line via credit card by going to the “books” link at my website which will take you to the publisher’s website for ordering. Your shipping fees can be calculated on-line as well for international orders.