In late October, I posted a notice to readers of this blog that the previous webmaster for my website had a computer malfunction after a long personal move in residence and was attempting to recover a large number of reader exchanges that were “lost” in that computer. I contacted him by phone about this matter and was told that all attempts to recover those reader email exchanges via a data recovery service have proven to be unsuccessful.

This is most unfortunate as there were many scores of email exchanges from readers which were lost in his old computer. Also, I had spent many hours preparing replies to those reader inquiries and all of my responses were lost as well. As near as I can tell, the lost email exchanges cover periods of time over many months of 2010. I apologize to readers who sent those questions as many of them were excellent ones to which I had prepared responses for posting at my website. I also apologize for the slowness of my previous webmaster who did not get those exchanges posted last year at my website in a timely manner.

Furthermore, I contacted my previous webmaster (who still hosts my website) about the lack of any recent reader inquiries. He checked his computer system and informed me that there was a glitch whereby his new computer system was accepting and accumulating reader emails to my website in approximately the last two months, but that none of these emails had been forwarded to me. He has told me that well over 100 emails have been sent to me in the last two months which have not yet been forwarded to me. There are so many backlogged emails that a special link is being sent to me so that I can access them at a rate of about “twenty at a time.”

Obviously, it is impossible for me to respond to all the emails in this backlogged file. I will attempt to read through them as I have time, and respond to as many of them as I can.  I ask readers’ patience as it will take a considerable amount of time just to read through all the emails. Also, this news has reached me when I have little time to read the accumulated inquiries as I am working on a major writing project which will be announced at my website (hopefully) in the near future.

Obviously, there has been a major “disconnect” between me and the readers of my website due to circumstances beyond our control. You were sending me inquiries and wondering why I was not responding. I was wondering why I was not receiving any reader inquiries. Now we both know what was happening!