Earlier this month, I posted a notice at the website that the ability of my website to process book orders had broken down. I can now reliably recommend to readers that book orders can again be processed at my website. The difficulties were somewhat more complex to overcome than first thought, but things are now back to normal. I am not a “techie” so I cannot adequately describe the problem that was corrected. I tested the new “fixes” myself and the entire process worked fine. Newcomers to my website have also been able to place book orders successfully.

Those readers who wish to order books from me can again order the printed books or the E-book via the “shopping cart” function at the website. I am also personally autographing for free all printed books ordered at my site for the remainder of November if anyone wishes to take advantage of that added benefit this month. If sent via the postal service, I’ll honor this offer for all book orders which are postmarked in November.

[To all my American readers, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving celebration. It is unfortunate that the day, once intended and dedicated specifically as a day of giving thanks to God for the blessings we enjoy, has now devolved into what is simply “Turkey Day” celebrated with televised football games. I urge readers to remember that we live only a brief time in our human bodies on this marvelously-created planet, and to give thanks for the blessings we enjoy while we are graced with the gift of life.]