This post is to inform readers that it appears that I now again have normal incoming and outgoing email service. A previous post had notified readers that my email service had been completely shut down or disrupted severely by a major crash at my ISP’s internal systems. I was able to send that brief post to my webmaster via phone. Since I have now been receiving normal emails for two days, I assume that normal email service will remain in place.

However, I must add that many emails that were sent to me in the approximately 5 days that I had major email outages have likely been permanently lost. While new emails are reaching me, the emails that should have reached me during the outage have not yet reached my inbox. Based on the date stamps of the few emails in the five-day outage period that reached me, I must assume that hundreds of emails that were sent to me during the outage have been permanently lost. There is one stretch where nothing in a period of about 28 hours reached me. If anyone sent me important messages that I have not responded to, it may be advisable to re-send such messages.

In our modern computer age, being without email for five days makes one aware of just how dependent on technology we have become!