This post is to alert the readers of this blog that another interview with me conducted by will be aired on February 10, 2011 on three shortwave radio frequencies. Since there are readers of this blog located in many nations, I’m alerting everyone so those who wish to do so can hear me on these shortwave radio broadcasts. With three shortwave frequency options, all readers of this blog should be able to listen to one of the shortwave options.

This new shortwave radio interview covers several subjects. It begins with a discussion of the current crisis in Egypt and its possible prophetic implications as well as a discussion of Iran’s possible involvement in the Egyptian crisis and the dangers posed to the Western world and Israel if the Moslem Brotherhood takes over Egypt and gains control of the Suez Canal. The interview then discusses the history of the ancient Empire of Carthage, which is one of the subjects of my book, Israel’s Lost Empires. The interview discusses evidence that ten tribes of Israel founded Carthage and gives its original Hebrew name (the Romans later called it “Carthage”). Carthage’s presence in ancient North America is examined as is the invasion of Italy by the famous Carthaginian general, Hannibal. Why didn’t Hannibal take control of Rome when it was in his power to do so? This interview gives the biblically-based answer!

Here are the times and frequencies at which this broadcast on TruNews can be heard.
2300 UTC Thu. (6 PM ET Thu.) at frequency 5070
0200 UTC Thu. (9 PM ET Thu.) at frequency 5875
0200 UTC Thu. (9 PM ET Thu.) at frequency 7315

I hope that you will be able to listen to one of these shortwave radio options, and that you will tell others about the interviews as well. This broadcast is the fourth in a series of broadcasts which will include more interviews in future months.

If you are not able to hear one of these shortwave options, you will soon be able to hear the interview on your computer at, at and a link to the program will soon be available at my website’s homepage.