I have good news for readers who want to learn more about the history of the ten tribes of Israel after they went into exile after the fall of the Northern Kingdom of ancient Israel when Samaria fell circa 721 BC.  You can read a significant portion of my book, Israel’s Lost Empires, for free (accessible via the text crawler on the homepage). It offers for your review pages 190-213, which is from the chapter entitled “The Scythian Sacae—The Asian Sons of Isaac.”

This free book excerpt documents an important part of the history of the ten tribes of Israel. Many readers of this website have already, no doubt, read free book text excerpts from all of my other books in print (they can be accessed at the book links of this website). Previously, no text excerpt from Israel’s Lost Empires had been posted at my website. My book about the Parthian Empire documents the history of what happened to the ancient Israelites who were taken captive by the ancient Assyrian Empire. However, many of the people of the ten tribes of Israel escaped the Assyrian captivity by fleeing in large masses to other locations on earth. Daniel 9:7 confirms this statement as the prophet Daniel wrote that the ten tribes of “Israel” had been scattered into many countries—some near to Daniel in Persia while others were then located “far off” from Mesopotamia and the Mideast. My book, Israel’s Lost Empires, examines the history of the exiled Israelites who were not taken captive by the Assyrian Empire.

While many Israelites fled the ancient Promised Land to North Africa, Europe and the British Isles via the extensive navies of the Phoenician Empire (within which the ten tribes of Israel had been the dominant member), a large mass of “free” Israelites migrated into the region north of the Black Sea and started over, building a new empire in the process. The apocryphal book of II Esdras mentions this migration of Israelites who escaped the Assyrians. As you will see in the free text portion, this was a large mass of Israelites as they were escorted by 220,000 armed Israelite soldiers. After their relocation into the Black Sea region, they greatly multiplied their numbers (fulfilling the prophecy of Hosea 1:10) and spread far eastward into Asia. Indeed, some of their burial mounds have been found east of the Caspian Sea. These Israelites retained the name of “Isaac” upon them, just as Genesis 21:12 prophesied would happen. They even had a king named “Saulius” (according to the Greek records), but this clearly reproduces the name of the first Israelite king named Saul. As you will see in the free text portion, these Israelites became a world power and the Greek writers noted some of their obviously-Hebrew customs. The free text portion also mentions the Old Testament passage in which God later sent a message to these Israelites who had migrated into the Black Sea region.

The remainder of the chapter from which this free text sample is taken documents from secular historians the later history of this mass of Israelites who settled by the Black Sea and became known as Scythians. The Scythians eventually crushed the Assyrian Empire and twice defeated the Persian Empire in great wars. You likely were taught nothing about these wars in your High School and College history classes because the later Israelite empires are almost totally ignored in the history books. To learn the fascinating history of the empires built by the migrating Israelites after their exile (hint: Scythia and Parthia were not the only ones), you will need to obtain a copy of my book, Israel‘s Lost Empires. After reading this free text sample from the book, I hope you will make a decision to do so by going to the books link and making an on-line purchase. If you do obtain the book, history will never be boring again, and you will also see that the narrative accounts and prophecies of the Bible are in agreement with the records and accounts of ancient historians.