This brief post is to let reader’s know that family circumstances may affect the length and frequency of my blog posts for a time.

My 20-something daughter had to have surgery several days ago for early-onset endometriosis and removal of a bowel adhesion that was causing her much pain. She has had to move in with me as I will be her care-giver available on a 24/7 basis until her recovery is more advanced. She is still in much pain and her prescription painkillers seem to be having little effect, so I will be driving her to see the surgeon tomorrow for a possible adjustment in her painkiller medicine.

Due to her needs, I will likely be blogging on a somewhat irregular frequency and my blogs may be shorter than usual. Nevertheless, I will still be passing on what I feel is needful information about world developments to readers of this website.

Allow me a private observation on the current state of health care in the USA. I can recall that in the “old days,” a double surgery requiring several incisions in the abdomen would have likely resulted in a 2-3 day stay in a hospital for pain control and observation for post-operative infection. In our current system, my daughter was released to my care 2-3 hours after she came out of anesthesia. Needless to say, I think many patients and caregivers miss the “old days” when health care was more personal and costs were much lower.