I am a Messianic believer (not Jewish).  My husband and I have just finished leading a HaYesod class (developed by First Fruits of Zion FFOZ).  One couple in our class borrowed and read our copy of The Lost Tribes of Israel….Found!”  They are Mormons, and were intrigued about Yeshua coming to America.  How does the Mormon belief in this fit or not fit, into history?  They are full of questions!
Gray Miner


Dear Gray,
Thank you for your question. My books make the case that Jesus/Yahshua visited not only North America, but the British Isles, Parthia and other locations during the 18 year gap in his life between ages 12 and 30 on which biblical accounts are almost totally silent. My books present evidence that Joseph of Arimathea was an older male relative of Jesus/Yashua and mentored him–taking him to the Temple when Jesus/Yashua was 12 years of age (when Jesus/Yashua stated he had to begin being “about his Father’s business). My books also offer evidence that Joseph of Arimathea was a prominent Roman official with dual Roman/Jewish citizenship, and that his commercial business required regular, long overseas voyages. As the protégé of Joseph, Jesus/Yahshua was able to accompany him on those voyages. The accounts in Matthew 8:23-27 and Luke 8:22-25 offer circumstantial support to the view that Jesus/Yahshua had been on long oceanic voyages and was accustomed to large sea swells. The disciples were caught in a storm on an inland sea and thought they were about to perish. Jesus, on the other hand, was sleeping contentedly on the boat before he was awakened and then ordered the sea to be calm. Storms on the ocean would produce far greater sea wells and waves than would be possible on a small inland sea like the sea of Galilee. The Bible teaches that Jesus/Yahshua was both fully Divine and fully human. The human side of him would be subject to seasickness like any other human. However, this account indicates that his body had become accustomed to very large sea swells (which would be common on oceanic voyages) and that his body had learned to relax and sleep during them.
I won’t give away all the evidence that is offered in my books, but it is my belief that Jesus/Yahshua visited the New World before his last 3 and 1/2 year ministry in Judea that led to his crucifixion. While I am not a Mormon, I have Mormon friends and it is my understanding that they believe that Jesus/Yahshua visited the New World after his resurrection.