I was reading your blog about china going after the oil in the world…when I was younger I worked on a drilling rig in many states…and on down time got a chance to talk to guys tat had been doing what i was doing for up to 30 years plus…and they where saying that the oil drilling in teh United states is buts… they only let them drill are look for oil where there is none!…They said off the coast of California is like the saudi arabia of the west…they said it is huge reserves off the west coast and off the shores of the state of Fl….and that Chine is drilling from Cuba and draining are oil away…they said that the united states has huge Oil reserves that the Goverment will not allow us to go get…so my question is is it just me? are does it look like everything that is wrong with are Economy is being done on purpose? shipping the jobs over sea’s not allowing the U.S. to use its own energy reserves…ect…its like no one could be this stupid…sp
 ending way to much…borrowing way to much…you start to see a pattern…so my question is do you think there just really stupid are is this all planned this way to make it fall?

Scott Moers


It is getting harder to believe that any level of stupidity could be responsible for all these wrong actions. It is looking more intentional all the time. However, if our nation was righteous, God would not allow this to occur. The destruction of our national well-being is happening because sin and rebellion vs. God has gotten so widespread in our nation. Deuteronomy 28 promised that such national weakenings would occur to “covenant” nations which abandon God and his laws. My article, The USA in Bible Prophecy, available at my homepage, proves that the USA is a “covenant” nation subject to such penalties for disobedience. The only solution to our national problems is national repentance. God promises in II Chronicles 7:14 that he will “hear and heal our land” if we repent.