Amidst the on-going global traumas of the coronavirus pandemic, China has continued its policy of accelerating its aggression and imperialism. China has unleashed the coronavirus on the world, they have severely persecuted Uighurs in Western China and reportedly put a million or more of them in concentration camps. China has battled masses of people in Hong Kong who want to preserve their “One China, Two Systems” status. A recent change by the Communist Party of China essentially repudiates that policy and enables the Chinese Communist Army to impose China’s will on Hong Kong. This growing hardness on the part of China has had one major “blow-back” on China’s goals. China wants to impose Communist control over the island of Taiwan, and its heavy-handed tactics in the afore-cited matters have driven the voters of Taiwan to recently choose as president (in a landslide) a candidate who wants to have as much independence from Communist China as possible. China has likely seen that the chances of Taiwan ever peaceably submitting to Communist taskmasters are now slim and none; causing China to consider invading Taiwan to impose its rule on that democratic nation.

Consider the following actions. China is deploying its carriers and naval forces in ways to maximize pressure on Taiwan and intimidate the Taiwanese (first link). The second link is especially chilling. It reports that the Chinese military has constructed a full-scale model of the Taiwanese presidential palace so its forces can practice invading and seizing Taiwan’s seat of government. This is something you do to enable your own forces to quickly attack a particular target. American military forces built scale-models of Iraqi/Afghan towns so they could practice house-to-house fighting when they were deployed to such locations. China is doing the same thing. The obvious conclusion is that China is planning to execute such an attack and that it intends to “decapitate” the Taiwanese government at the beginning of an invasion. China surely has the means to steal the entire blueprints of the Taiwanese governmental offices so they can build an exact copy of it in which to practice their invasion. Knowing this to be the case, Taiwan would be well-advised to secretly make numerous changes to the interior of their government offices so Communist troops would encounter unexpected configurations and booby-traps in an attack.

The United States has taken actions that constitute a warning to China not to invade Taiwan. Not only has it taken large-scale aerial military maneuvers to deter China (as documented in my previous post), but it also has taken other actions. The USA sent a B-1 bomber rather close to Chinese territory in the Yellow Sea in a pattern where it “went dark” to detection systems as it would in any actual attack run on Chinese targets in a future war (third link). It has also sold modern torpedoes to the Taiwanese so they can easier sink Chinese warships in any invasion fleet they send to Taiwan (fourth link). The US Navy also sent a wave of attack submarines to sea in a “surge” exercise as it would if intelligence showed a war with China was imminent (fifth link). Obviously, China would not know where the subs would be stationed, but these subs would be given assignments to sink Chinese ships in an effective manner in any war.

China has long used its power to try and exclude Taiwan from being treated as a nation–having Taiwan expelled from nationhood status at the UN, pressuring nations to not recognize Taiwan as a nation, etc. This pressure from Communist China has also caused the World Health Organization (WHO) to exclude Taiwan from any of its activities (seventh link), hindering an effective global response to the Wuhan virus. Many nations have criticized China for this action. The sixth link lists many nations who have taken Taiwan’s side on this matter, including the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the entire EU bloc. In spite of the deep political divisions now extant in the USA, both Republican and Democrats have been solidly united in bi-partisan support of Taiwan. Taking the above actions together, it is increasingly evident that if China invades Taiwan in an all-out war, China will be fighting against more nations than just Taiwan.

There are several considerations that China must face if it decides to go to war vs. Taiwan in an act of conquest. No nation facing attack reveals all its weaponry available to resist such an invasion. Many weapons purchases from the USA have been made public, but how many Taiwanese weapons purchases from the USA, other nations, and the black market have never been made public? Taiwan has an urgent need for anti-aircraft, shoulder-fired missiles that can shoot down Communist helicopters and planes. It needs surface-to-surface missiles that can sink invading ships. These needs have been known for decades, and it is virtually certain that Taiwan has obtained weaponry that will surprise China if it invades. For example, when the government of Libya was overthrown and destroyed by an American/NATO attack (an action for which the Obama administration never offered a real justification), it left a massive amount of uncontrolled weaponry to be claimed by the highest-bidders. ISIS obtained some of that weaponry, but I would be surprised if Taiwan was not also a buyer of some of those military supplies. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Soviet weapons depots were sold off to the highest bidders by the various nations formed as the Soviet Union disintegrated. There is also the obvious question that few want to face: Does Taiwan have any secret nuclear weapons–obtained via the help of other nations or bought on the world black market? During the years of the Soviet Union, there were reports of “suitcase nukes” that it had developed for use in warfare. When the Soviet Union fell and its weapons arsenals were loosely-controlled or under the supervision of suddenly-unpaid Soviet generals eager to raise money by selling weapons, what key weaponry did the Taiwanese (and other) nations buy via the black market? No one knows, but Taiwan would have been a very motivated buyer.

China also faces a huge logistical challenge in any invasion of Taiwan. When Hitler’s Nazi regime was preparing for an invasion of England in World War II, it faced an English channel that was about 20 miles wide at its narrowest point. The Taiwan Strait, which China would have to transit with an entire huge army in transport ships, is about 100 miles wide at its narrowest point. Any Chinese invasion fleet would have to travel a distance five times greater than Hitler’s forces would have had to transit in any invasion of England. Any Chinese invasion fleet would be subject to hostile fire for a long time before it ever reached Taiwan. Surely, China will deploy paratroopers inside Taiwan to initiate an invasion, and Taiwan has had decades to prepare for such an attack. China undoubtedly has secret agents inside Taiwan who would attempt to sabotage Taiwan’s weaponry in any invasion, but Taiwan also undoubtedly has secret agents inside China to thwart Chinese invasion plans. Any Chinese invasion of Taiwan could very easily turn into a major regional war with China fighting several nations, not just Taiwan. It would be a bloodbath.

It is unknown if China will attempt such an invasion, but it intensely lusts to control Taiwan, and China’s bellicose attitudes toward many nations argues China may be willing to risk such an invasion.  Matthew 24:1-8 warn many “wars and rumors of wars” will characterize the latter days before the return of Jesus Christ, but this prophecy offers nothing in describing the opponents and scales of such wars.  While we hope it will not occur, do not be surprised if you wake up some morning and learn a major war has erupted due to an attempted Chinese invasion of Taiwan. If a Democrat administration which is as pacifist and weak as the Obama administration was is elected this November, the chance of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan will rise significantly.

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My thanks to a reader who sent me one of the links cited in this post.