This blog post is to introduce and describe the content of the new home page for my website. It has been completely redesigned and also includes new material and options. I hope that readers will like it and find it more user-friendly.

The new homepage is divided into three columns. The left-hand column, headed by a depiction of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, offers items pertaining to the history and migrations of the ten tribes of Israel and other ancient topics. The right-hand column, headed by a photo of the 9/11 attack, is devoted to items pertaining to modern prophetic fulfillments and prophecies about the ten tribes of Israel and other nations. The center column, under a recent photo of my dog and me, features information about my books, new items which will be offered via Paypal and other material. My blog is also accessible in the center column. Both the left-hand and right-hand columns feature items which are the most widely read by visitors to this website, so this format will make them easier to find for all readers. More items will be added to the side columns in the future.

The first new item in the center column is a newly-written 57-page e-book entitled A New Look at the Seven Churches of Revelation. I think I can safely say that this item is unlike any previous book or article on this topic. In giving us specific clues about the characteristics of seven broad attitudes or groupings that will be present among Christian churches in the latter days, I believe Jesus Christ was giving us clues about specific denominations or ideologies that will be present in latter-day Christianity. Revelation 2-3 clearly shows that latter-day Christians will have diverse doctrines, organizational styles and temperaments. This e-book applies those clues to modern Christianity and identifies specific church denominations and Christian ideologies that are widespread in modern Christendom. Jesus Christ gave both compliments to encourage his followers and criticisms to latter-day Christians in order to urge them to “repent” of their sins and errors before he returns. There will be major surprises in this e-book for many readers as Jesus Chrtist reveals himself to be far more inclusive in his definition of who are his followers than many of his followers have thought possible. This item also examines what it would have been like to be a church member in the ancient seven churches of Asia Minor that are used as types of latter-day Christian believers.

The second new item is an audio message that I have rarely given to very mature Christian audiences. I believe the readers of this website include many mature Christians/Believers, and it will benefit many of you in your personal growth and relationship with the Lord. It focuses on the subject of whether you, as a follower of Jesus Christ, are “ready to rule” in the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ/Yahshua. Many Christians/Believers have overlooked that the Bible gives us specific “pass-fail” criteria which our Savior requiresbe met in this physical lifetime if you expect your Savior  to offer you a position of kingship in the millennial kingdom (Revelation 20:4). Many believers gloss over Christ’s demands about these requirements. I gained personal insights into these requirements when I was required in the 1980s to spend an extended period of time interacting with the “publicans and sinners” of this world, and this message shares the lessons I learned with those who listen to it. This message contains mature subject matter. The message was given in 2003 to a Sabbatarian Christian audience so some terminology will be unfamiliar to Sunday-keeping Christians; however, the lessons will be clear enough to all listeners regardless of your denominational affiliation.

After describing the new items, you will see the covers of each title in my four-book series about the history of the ten tribes of Israel. At the bottom of each title, you will see a link offering a “free text sample” of the actual text of each book. These lengthy free text samples will give all readers a flavor of the material in each book and assist them in deciding whether to obtain copies of these books via the “Books page” link under the photos.

Below the book section is the blog section where you can click on Steven M. Collins WordPress Blog to access the main blog page. My blog posts will generally pertain to fulfillments of biblical prophecy in modern events, the “Gog Magog” alliance of Russia, China and Iran which was foretold in Ezekiel 38-39, the history of the ten tribes of Israel, general prophetic subject matter about the latter-days and other biblical topics as well.

Those familiar with my regular blog posts will find links to the four most recent ones listed in a moving message box. When you click on one of these links, you will see only that blog post. Click on the text in the graphic at the top of the blog post to go to my main blog page. There you will find all previous blog posts accessible and and archived by month along with a search feature to locate specific topics of interest to you.

At the bottom of the center column you will find a link to three live radio programs which I did in 2010. These radio programs covered a wide range of biblical subjects including those mentioned above and more!

The left-hand column includes the photo gallery of the ancient Hebrew inscriptions found in New Mexico (which I believe date to the time of King Solomon), an article about the “Missing Simeonites” who disappeared during the book of Numbers, and several audio messages and a radio interview. The audio messages are each two-part messages about the history of the ten tribes of Israel. These messages detail the main points found in my four-book series on the history, migrations and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel. The first two-part set was given with the standard Divine names used by most Christians (God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit). The second two-part series includes a first message devoted to the above topic and the second tape is devoted to prophecies about the ten tribes of Israel in our immediate future. The second two-part audio message set is for my Messianic/Hebrew Roots readers as it uses the Hebrew Divine Names (Yahweh, Yahshua and the Ruach Ha’Kodesh). This column also includes one of my radio interviews which aired live on Israel National Radio. Other audio messages, articles and radio interviews can be heard at the “Articles” and “Speeches” links found at the top of the home page.

This column features four lengthy research reports which examine major current geopolitical subjects from the viewpoint of biblical prophecy. The first is a report detailing the crucial latter-day prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 which foretells that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will form an alliance which will eventually start a global World War III via a surprise attack against the modern nations of the modern ten tribes of Israel. The Israeli Jewish nation (called “Judah” in latter-day biblical prophecies, is not even mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39). This prophecy is rapidly being shaped for fulfillment in today’s modern geopolitics, and Ezekiel 38-39 is being revealed as the most important prophecy in the Bible in identifying the prophesied future roles and actions of the major nations in the modern world.

The second report is about the ongoing global financial crisis which is becoming steadily more widespread and deep. Our global banking-based financial/commercial system almost collapsed in September, 2008, and it has been showing major signs of increasing strain ever since. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that a global, banking-based, financial/commercial system (called “Babylon the Great”) will exist in the latter days and that it will experience a systemic, worldwide collapse in the latter days. This report examines how this prophecy could be fulfilled in our future, and examines the biblical prophecies revealing that the final “beast” system will emerge from the chaos which will follow the collapse of Babylon the Great. When the beast system emerges, our world will be within a few short years of the end of our age and the return of Jesus Christ.

Many Christians mistakenly believe that the United States of America, the most powerful nation of the latter-days, is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. How could the Bible be relevant if it overlooked the greatest modern nation in its latter-day prophecies? The third report reveals that the USA is mentioned many times in latter-day biblical prophecies, but Christians have missed these references because they fail to realize the USA will not be called by its modern English name in biblical prophecies, but rather by the ancient biblical name for the people which settled the USA. This report, includes key points from my book, Israel’s Tribes Today, and convincingly shows that the Bible does mention the USA in latter-day prophecies and that its role in future biblical prophecies can be known in advance!

The fourth prophetic report is about the mysterious Two Witnesses, who are prophesied in Revelation 11 to apparently be the most powerful prophets of God who have ever walked the earth. The great miracles they will do, the length of their ministry and how their period of service will end is all revealed in the Bible. Biblical prophecy also reveals there will be an evil “twosome” (the beast and false prophet) who will be popular global figures and they will also do miracles in the latter days. Will you be able to tell the difference between the Two Witnesses and the evil twosome of the beast and false prophet? Don’t be so sure as the Bible warns the vast majority of the world (and even the “very elect” if it were possible) will be deceived into thinking the evil twosome is not evil at all!  You need the information in this report to understand God’s Word about these competing twosomes before they emerge on the world scene.

The tabs at the top of my homepage are in the same positions as they were in my old homepage. You may access any of my many articles by clicking on the “Articles” tab. There are about a dozen audio messages accessible if you click on the “Speeches” tab (HINT: I think many readers have overlooked my message entitled As It Was in the Days of Noah, which reveals that the pre-Flood world of Noah was a high-tech world like our own!]. There are many worthwhile links to other websites at the “Contact Us-Links” tab and you can contact me with reader questions at that same tab. If you click the “Contact Us-Links” tab, you will have access to two very interesting offerings. One is an animated version of the Roman-Parthian battle at Carrhae. This animated battle first appeared on cable-TV and it is discussed in detail in my book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower. There are also links to an excellent five-part, serious documentary by Terry Jones which reveals that many of the “barbarian” kingdoms and nations conquered by the Roman Empire were actually advanced civilizations. Information about reviewing and ordering my books can also be accessed by clicking on the “Books” tab. Those who wish to do so can make a profit by ordering my books in bulk from the publisher and selling them at retail prices to others.

There is much historical and prophetic information available at my website. I hope that you will explore and enjoy it all, and that it will strengthen your Christian faith as you do so! Remember to check out the latest information at my blogsite in the center column.