here is a link to a unique tour in Israel that you might be interested in.  I went on the one they had during Succot of 2009 and it was an amazing tour.  You might consider posting the link on your website to get more exposure to this opportunity.  See the link below. Shalom, Dan

Daniel J. Duffield


Thanks you for sending me your email about a very positive experience you had with a group (Kol Hator) offering tours of biblical regions in the Holy Land. I read through your link and noticed that Rabbi Avraham Feld is the coordinator of these tours. I know Rabbi Feld from traveling around Israel with him for about a week in August, 2000. I regard him as closely as I would a brother, and I have full confidence in recommending any tour project that he is a part of. Whenever my health and financial circumstances permit, I’d love to join such a tour sponsored by this group!