We had received an understanding concerning from the Lord some time ago.  We decided to search for confirmation.
Question?  How do you see Manasseh and Ephraim returning to the Homeland of Israel?
Anne and Steve


Dear Anne,
Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that the nations of the ten tribes of Israel will be attacked in their own lands at the end of this age, but after that war is over, Ezekiel 48 prophesies that all the tribes will have a new inheritance in the old Promised Land. Manasseh and Ephraim are both included. I believe portions of each tribe will return to these designated tribal regions in the old Promised Land during the Millennium/Messianic Age, but I also think that many Israelites will continue to live in their current national lands as well. There is a precedent for this. In David and Solomon’s time, each tribe had a tribal territory in the old Promised Land, but many Israelites also settled in overseas colonies in North Africa, Spain/Iberia, Europe, the British Isles, North America, etc. Genesis 28:14 prophesied that Abraham’s descendants would not be limited to the Promised Land, but would expand outward in all directions as well. That happened in the time of David and Solomon, and I expect that we will see the same situation in the Millennium/Messianic Age. However, it will be for the Lord to decide!