For a matter of months, I have offered one audio and one article on my website for nominal costs each while all other audio messages and articles were offered free of charge. It is now apparent that while people are willing to pay for an e-book (which everyone knows involves considerable time and expense to prepare), few readers of this website have opted to obtain the two items which had a fee. It is my view that both this audio (Are You Ready to Rule?) and article (A New Look at the Seven Churches of Revelation) include biblical information and perspectives which would be beneficial to all readers of this website. Therefore, I have decided to remove the “fee-based” access to these items and offer them to everyone for free.

Allow me to briefly discuss each of these items. The audio message (Are You Ready to Rule?) is written with the promise of Revelation 20:5 in mind that those saints in the first resurrection will rule will with Jesus Christ for 1000 years as kings and priests. Many Christians have some major misconceptions about what qualifications Jesus Christ prizes most highly in determining whether his followers will be made kings and priests in his Kingdom. Matthew 7:21-23 and 25:31-46 include warnings from Jesus Christ that many believers will be stunned to find themselves excluded from Jesus Christ’s kingdom. As this audio makes clear, even the performance of mighty deeds of faith does not necessarily mean one will be in the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ has some “pass-fail” attitudes and deeds which he demands from each believer in this human lifetime before they will be allowed to be a king of priest in his Kingdom. Those who do not exhibit these attitudes and deeds will be excluded from his Kingdom, no matter what other deeds they may have had in their lives. Given this stated scriptural fact, it behooves all of us to make sure we understand Jesus’ teachings on this subject.

The article (A New Look at the Seven Churches of Revelation) offers specific linkages between the prophesied latter-day Christian churches described in Revelation 2-3 with specific churches or groups of churches in today’s modern Christian world. When I was researching and writing this article, I experienced a major shift in my thinking on this subject. It is abundantly evident that the prophetic language in Revelation 2-3 describes church denominations or groups which are very dissimilar to one another. Some have great biblical knowledge and others have very little knowledge. Others embrace heresies and false teachers which are recognized and rejected by other of the prophesied churches. Some have great suffering in this lifetime and others pretty much live prosperously with little suffering at all. It is very clear that some of these prophesied churches have radically different structures and organizational hierarchies than the other prophesied latter-day groups of believers. Those who have had rigid, preconceived notions that they are members of a “one true church” organization had better be sitting down when they read this article as it will seriously challenge your preconceived dogmas. Whether you agree with my conclusions or not, this article will really challenge your thinking and it is a good companion article to the audio message described above as Matthew 25:31-46 warns that believers will be excluded from Christ’s kingdom if they refuse to help and recognize those believers who they regard as “the least [worthy]” of Christ’s brethren. Given this fact, it is vital that our views re: “who is our Christian brother or sister?” be as expansive as Jesus Christ’s views!

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