This is an item about which I think all readers should be informed. Former CNBC-TV anchor Melissa Francis, in a FOX News interview, charged that at her former network, CNBC-TV, she was “called in many times” by her superiors to muzzle her reports which were revealing the fuzzy math about Obamacare.

This is a political rather than a biblical story, but this kind of insider media report should be made known to all. It confirms what I think many have long suspected: that the establishment liberal media has been acting as a kind of propaganda wing for the Obama administration and its liberal agenda, and that it muzzles reporters and anchors who do not hew to a pro-Obama mindset. Since this report comes from a media insider, I find it to be reliable.  The “non denial denial” by CNBC-News, which merely mocks the story instead of denying it,  is especially revealing as well.

As future events unfold, always keep in mind what this report reveals: that the media may be deliberately trying to give you a skewed version of reality. Just because you see it on TV does not mean that what is being reported is true or accurate. Think for yourself!