Dear Mr. Collins,

I have just completed your book ‘The Lost 10 Tribes of Israel, found.”In this book you referenced a follow on book, but with no title mentioned.  Would you please let me know the title of the follow on book so that I can make a purchase.  I appreciate your time and I hope I will hear from you in the very near future.

Your book was loaned to us by friends and we had to purchase a second copy because I kept telling my husband ‘you have to read this next’ and he said I’ll just buy another copy and we can read together. Thank you for your time.

Jeri Stockman

Dear Jeri,
Thank you for your interest in obtaining another copy of my initial book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! However, that book has had its fourth printing sold out and there are no copies to send out. It is possible to obtain some used copies on the internet sites which sell used and out-of-print books. 
The prospective book that I mentioned at the end of my initial book was originally intended to be a book that included an in-depth look examination of the pre-Flood world of Noah. While I still hope to be able to write such a book in the future (time and health permitting) I opted instead to write an expanded series on the history, migration and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel. The new four-book series were derivative books of my initial book, but they included much new information, photos of ancient Israelite artifacts found in North America, numerous illustrations, full indexes and new sections about the lives of the patriarchs, the Regency of Joseph over Egypt and the Exodus. Those books are entitled (in order): The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel, Israel’s Lost Empires, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, and Israel’s Tribes Today. These books may all be previewed or ordered via the book links at my website, and a sizeable segment of the third book’s text is available for free at my homepage by clicking on the “crawler” link offering that text segment. A new free text segment from one of my books will be posted at the website soon!