Hi Steve
I would like to know your opinion about the following. Do you think Berber(Eber) native North Africans are of Heber descent? Here is a link saying a pro-Israeli Berber party was forbidden in Morocco: http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/199697,moroccan-court-bans-pro-israeli-berber-party.html As well Berbers went to the Canary Islands (Spain) origininating the Guanches but the interesting thing that i suspect they were of Hebrew descent is the Guanche leader was called Bencomo. More Guanches were called Ben-something. It’s really easy thinking in the Hebrew Ben meaning son. Moreover in the next link about the Guanches you can see in the 2nd picture a possible Guanche village with several altars & people worshipping some God above.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guanches

Daniel Álvarez España

Hi Daniel,
Your point is well-taken. There is a similarity in the names, but there is more historical evidence as well. When the Israelite kingdoms fell and their people were exiled, many Israelites/Phoenicians went to Spain (as my book documents). Spain was, as you know, named “Iberia,” after the name of Eber. The Carthaginians began as an Israelite colony and their territory included the Berber regions. Carthage ruled “Iberia” for a long time. There is also a linguistic tie. The late Dr. Barry Fell (a very skilled historical linguist and an acquaintance of mine) wrote in his book Bronze Age America,  that he recognized the Berber language “as belonging to the Indo-European vocabulary of ancient Europe (p. 292). Dr. Fell also added that the “white Berbers have no recollection of their ancestors’ having come from Europe, yet their anatomy declares them to be Europoids. Their vocabulary also yields European roots.”
This evidence argues that the common origin of the Berbers and Iberians/early Europeans was in the empire of ancient Israel/Phoenicia.