This blog post is to extend my apologies to all those readers who have sent inquiries to me at my website and have not received a response. There has been a problem in getting my responses sent to readers and also a problem with getting many exchanges posted on my website.

As readers have no doubt noticed, my homepage has recently been updated and redesigned. A new webmaster is now taking over the active management of my website. The previous website manager used to send out reader responses in a timely manner, but it has come to my attention that he has not sent out my replies to readers in several months.

I want to assure readers that I have been replying to your inquiries in a timely manner and forwarding my responses to the previous webmaster for sending to readers. However, the previous webmaster has not sent them out in a timely manner and my responses have been stored in his computer files with no action taken to send them out to readers. I have contacted him several times about this matter, but, in spite of several reassurances that they would be sent out, the replies have still not been sent out.

Some readers who emailed me may have sent their inquiries to me as far back as May of this year. I have been trying to get this problem resolved, but so much time has elapsed that I feel all readers deserve an explanation regarding why their inquiries have not received timely responses. In fact, I have been replying to the inquiries in a timely manner, but my replies to you have not been sent out to you by my previous webmaster. I am writing this blog as those readers who have sent me inquiries deserve an explanation for the delayed responses.

I am attempting to have my previous webmaster send the accumulated email responses and exchanges to my new webmaster so he can send them out to readers and post many of them at the website for all readers to see. Hopefully, this will happen soon and all readers will receive the responses that were written for them some time ago.