Mr. Collins, could you please comment on Revelation 13 and discuss the two beasts mentioned therein? Thanks.


Dear Charles,
The book of Revelation prophesies that there will be a “beast” system that will come into being in the latter days, but it also prophesies that this entity will be headed by both a political and a religious leader. In our modern understandings, they will head the “church” and “state” functions of the beast system. They both meet their end in Revelation 19:19-20 when Jesus Christ/Yahshua returns. I believe Revelation 13 is a prophecy about the beast system when it first is unveiled to the world’s nations. Revelation 13:1-10 contains a prophecy about the unveiling of the political leader of the beast system, and verses 11-18 is a prophecy about the unveiling of the false prophet (who will mandate that the political figure be “worshipped”). In this context, the beast “system” will be headed by two human figures whose arrival in prophesied in Revelation 13.