I had to take issue with your blog about the english going after christians…Not about the English but by putting America in with the English…America is the most Christian nation on Earth…it was found By Christians for Christians…I know sometimes it seems like we are going down hill…but most people In the U.S.A still have christian values….most vote against gay marriage i this country…even states like maine…voted to keep marriage to a woman and a man only…in most polls 80 plus % say there Christian…for the first time since polls where done on abortion most Americans are now against it….when a bad thing happens like 9-11 people rushed to church and preyed for this country…what other single Tribe of Israel…now in modern times could you see polls that more of tose counties people are against gay marriage then for it…where 2/3s of there states have voted and passed bans on gay marriage…and most people in that country are now against a
 bortion??Only the United states is still truly a Christian nation…and that really is amazing when you look at it…Librals control the Schools K-12 and then you get a huge dose of it in college…its sad that bad things have to happen like 9-11 i this country to wake people up but that is just the way it is…so to put us in the same boat as england I believe is a huge leap…in every poll a huge amount of christians do not vote…your talking millions of people…thats how poeple like obama gets into office…so My question is what is your View and Gods view from the bible about Christians voting???alot believe that God puts who he wants in no matter what…but do you agree that a Christian has to stand up and do his part? and voting in his Voice to do that?I was tought for years Not to vote as a Christian…and what changed my mind and my parents mind was my brother was in Iraq in the army…and as bad as bush was we where just scared to have a liberal as commander and chief over my loved one…. thanks for your time and would love to know what you think about Christians voting?.

Scott Moers

My blog about the British persecutions of Christianity actually said very little about America. America was founded as a deeply-Christian nation and I agree with you that America still has a core of fervent Christians. However, many Christians in the USA (especially in the old mainline churches) are nominal Christians, but they grasp very little about the Christian faith and the content of the Bible. It is encouraging to see many states vote down “gay rights” marriage measures when they have a chance to vote on them. However, the liberal and/or globalist elites that now control the media, education, much of government, etc. are continually feeding sinful and non-Christian programming into the minds of Americans. It is a tribute to the faith of millions of Americans that they are maintaining their faith in spite of this abandonment of Christianity by much of our national leadership.
In terms of Christians voting, I am convinced that all Christians should vote. God gave us this privilege in our Constitution, and I think we are derelict in our responsibilities if we forfeit our God-given right to help choose our national and local leaders as well as shape our nation’s future. I have more to say on this subject in my article on “Christian Rights” which is available at the articles link at this website.