Hi Steven,

Just found your site.  AWESOME. I am learning alot and it is confirming what I have previously been reading about Ephraim and Manasseh.  I have a question.  I have been reading your 2005 What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a future world war III.  On page 2-3 you say the dry bones prophesy describes a future resurrection of the whole house of Israel to take place at the end of the Millennium.  Then you say it is a partial glimpse of a general resurrection of all the dead. Rev 20:1-5 reveals all mankind will be raised to life and the rest of the dead occurs after the millinium/Messianic Age.  
I do not understand what you are saying.  Are you saying the whole house of Israel and the Rev 20:1-5 are the same resurrection since they both occur at the end of the millennium.  Would you clarify this for me?  
Also, Verse 4 of Rev 20 says those who had not worshiped the beast or his image and had not received the mark on their foreheads.. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.  Does this mean only those that would be presently alive at the end of World War III and those who have been martyed are the ones that would live and reign with Christ during the millenium?
With the 10 tribes/Judah distinction it all comes together in a way that it never has before. It makes sense and is now understandable and for once it shows where the US fits into the scheme of God’s plan.  Wow.!
I apologize if you answered this in one of your other articles which I have not yet read.  I appreciate you taking the time to answer this.
Thank you and I pray the spirit of the Lord remains on your understanding and teachings.


Dear Pam,
Thanks for your very positive feedback about my website. I’ll try to clarify the Ezekiel 37 “dry bones” prophecy with the Rev. 20:1-5 prophecy about a future resurrection to a new physical life for vast numbers of people. To put it simply, Rev. 20 is addressing the future of the entire human race so it mentions that all humans will be resurrected to a new human life after the millennium/Messianic Age. Ezekiel 37’s prophecy was addressing the same time frame as Rev. 20:1-5, but the subject matter of Ezekiel 37’s prophecy focuses on just one subset [the Israelites who lived in all generations] of all the humans who will be resurrected in Rev. 20’s prophecy. I hope that makes my viewpoint clearer.
Rev. 20:4 does seem to describe the believers who will be martyred near the end of this age when the beast power is in ascendancy on the earth. While the beast will reign for 42 months (Rev. 13:5), he will only be truly “ascendant” over the globe after the Two Witnesses die (Rev. 11:7-9). Since the Two Witnesses also have a 42 month ministry (Rev. 11:3), the Two Witnesses’ period of ministry will largely overlap the beast’s reign. The Two Witnesses will have powers (Rev. 11:6) vastly greater than the beast, so the beast’s ability to harm believers will be severely restrained for much of his reign. It is only when the Two Witnesses lie dead for three and 1/2 days (Rev. 11:9-13) that believers on the earth will be subject to extensive martyrdoms as the beast vents his pent-up rage on them.
Please feel free to refer others to my website if you feel they will benefit from the material posted there.