From a reader:

My friends and I all have read your books and about once a month we all have dinner and talk about your blog and your books and we had a question to ask..about pre-flood world before it was you believe that it was more then just abounch of dumb down people?if they had more then a 1000 years on earth do you think that they had come alot futher then most people think?To build a Ark as big as Noah did and to have made it water proof I mean even english ships 1000’s of years later had bad leaks…for him to have done what he did they(pre-flood peoples)most have been futher along then we all think right?

Scott Moers

My response:

Dear Scott,
You are correct in concluding that the pre-Flood civilization was far more advanced than most people think. You can listen to my audio message, As It Was in the Days of Noah, at the speeches link at my website to learn more about just how advanced they were!