Hi Mr. Collins,

I really enjoy your website.  My question is how do you know for certain that the 7 churches in Asia mentioned in Revelations is talking about churches in the end times and not about the churches that were in existence when John wrote Revelations.

I look forward to hearing from you.

J. Miles


Dear Julie Miles,

Thank you for your positive comments about my website and for your question. The entire context of the book of Revelation concerns events that will occur during the latter days which will climax with the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of his millennial government on earth. I see the message to the churches of Revelation as Christ’s message to the various denominations and ideologies within Christianity in the latter days. Some of his messages to the churches address specific events and situations which now characterized latter-day Christendom. This entire subject is addressed in great detail in my new e-book, A New Look at the Seven Churches of Revelation, now available at my website’s homepage. At the conclusion of the book of Revelation (22:16), it is also written that the entire book was written for the benefit of “the churches” to whom the book of Revelation was sent. The ancient “seven churches” are long gone. It is only the modern Christian churches which can benefit (and understand and be edified by) the content of the book of Revelation.

Steve Collins