Updated 2023 comments:
I have enclosed a second link which will interest readers who want more in-depth information about what might have happened to the 10,000 Roman soldiers captured by the Parthians in this battle. Historical sources do indicate they never returned to Rome. There is evidence that this large number of Roman soldiers were given wives and relocated by the Parthians into Central Asia to guard Parthia’s northeast border. Different theories and options for the fate of the captured Roman soldiers are found in the second link, but please be aware that the material includes some material which is difficult to read as it was poorly translated into English. One section even translates the word “Parthians” as “childbirths.” Nevertheless, I’ve included it as it is part of the historical record about the captured and relocated Roman soldiers. Two books at the homepage of my website offer in-depth details about the entire history of the Parthian Empire. The E-book at my website, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, and my printed book, Parthia: The forgotten Ancient Superpower, are those two books, which can be obtained at my website,