Every so often, there is a media headline which could almost be ripped from the pages of the Bible as it so graphically fulfills biblical prophecy. The prophecy fulfilled in a modern headline that I wanted to be sure readers of this blog saw is found in Zechariah 12:2-3. That prophecy which pertains to the latter days of our age contains these two prophetic statements: (A) I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about it…, and (B) In that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people.”

Consider that biblical language regarding the role of Jerusalem in the latter days when you read the following headline from a USA Today article about Jerusalem: “Jerusalem Still the Nexus of Conflict” (first link).

Could the Bible’s prophecy be any more “spot on” in its predictions about Jerusalem in the latter days? The biblical prophecy was written circa 2500 years ago, so the fact that it so aptly describes the latter-day situation regarding Jerusalem cannot be random chance. It confirms that the Creator Being who authored the Bible is guiding modern geopolitics so his biblical prophecies get fulfilled precisely the way he foretold. In Isaiah 41:21-26, God predicted he would make sure he would fulfill his future prophecies in mankind’s events and he challenged people to see his ability to do as as proof of his reality and sovereignty.

I cannot help but make a comparison between the prophecies of the Bible and those of Nostradamus. There are periodic documentaries about Nostradamus’ prophecies on cable-TV. I saw one was aired a couple nights ago again. In these documentaries, the confusing writings of Nostradamus are picked apart and analyzed by commentators who struggle to ever find anything definitive in his writings, which, in my view, sound like cryptic gibberish that can be interpreted in all kinds of contradictory ways. Nothing solid has ever been found in them to my knowledge. However, the Bible is full of many very specific prophecies concerning the future which came to pass in their appointed times and are coming to pass in our modern times as well. However, one almost never hears any reference to them in any media report or cable-TV documentary. The headline above so precisely fulfills a Bible prophecy about the role of Jerusalem in the latter days I had to pass it on to readers of this blog.

The link actually opens up to a trilogy of articles about the troubling status of Jerusalem in our time. The article reports that the status of Jerusalem not only is a cause of conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, but among many other nations as well. One highlights that the role of Jerusalem has divided the three branches of government within the USA against each other. The US Congress sided with the Israelis, the Executive Branch sides with the Palestinians (not surprising as President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu have such an icy relationship) and the US Supreme Court favored the Executive Branch position but in a split decision. The other article reports that the US Supreme Court decision has “befuddled” American Israelis. Of course, the Vatican, the EU, Russia, the UN and multinational NGOs have all had contradictory roles and colliding positions involving the status of Jerusalem.

Unlike the gibberish-filled writings of Nostradamus, the Bible’s prophecies are easy to understand and are coming to pass exactly as predicted and exactly on time. If you would like to review a number of biblical prophecies concerning the latter days that are coming to pass in our world today, I invite readers to review my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?