The first link below, from Israel National News, reports that President Jimmy Carter’s former National Security Advisor has advised that US warplanes stationed in Iraq ought to shoot down Israeli warplanes if they try to use Iraqi airspace to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. My first reaction when I saw this story was to wonder if Mr. Brzezinski was drunk when he made this comment. I find his suggestion to be so  incredibly stupid that I wonder how he could have been sober and made such a witless suggestion. I also heard a discussion of this same story on the Glenn Beck program while listening to it today on my car radio. Maybe Mr. Brzezinski has simply gone senile and needs to be gently led to a comfortable rest home which specializes in caring for old government officials who have gone bonkers.

What is scary is that Mr. Brzezinski was recently a foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama (see second link). Mr. Brzyzinski also recently authored an article in the May-June, 2009 issue of Foreign Affairs, the bi-monthly publication of the Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR). Could there actually be people in the American government who take Mr. Brzezinski’s nonsensical advise seriously?

Iran has stonewalled the entire Western world while it develops nuclear weapons from its Russian-supplied nuclear facilities. Iran’s leader has proclaimed openly his desire to “wipe Israel off the map.” Since Iran calls the Israelis the “Little Satan,” and the USA is called the “Great Satan,” it follows that Iran would like to wipe the USA off the map as well. If the Israelis have to fly through Iraq’s airspace to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities, US warplanes stationed there should give air support to the Israelis and wish them “God speed!” Israeli warplanes would be acting to protect not only Israel but also the USA and all other nations in the western world if they strike at Iran. Iran’s leader has also proudly announced that he is a “Holocaust Denier” (a person who denies that Hitler’s Holocaust against the Jews ever happened!). The third link below is worded rather graphically, but I include it anyway as it confirms this fact about the delusional person now ruling Iran. Yet Mr. Brzyzinski advises that American warplanes ought to defend the demented leader of Iran and his nuclear toys against an Israeli attack? Has Brzezinski gone nuts?

Mr. Brzyzinski served in the Carter administration. Those of us who lived through the Carter administration’s caricature of a US Presidency may not be surprised at the goofy thought process of anyone who served in that administration. It was President Carter and Mr. Brzyzinski who led the spineless handwringing that posed for US foreign policy when the Iranian revolutionaries seized the US embassy in Iran and held all the US citizens working there hostage for well over a year. Carter’s chosen response was meaningless appeasement. Iran had perpetrated an act of war against the USA in the Carter administration, but Carter and Brzyzinski were too witless to grasp this fact. Under Carter and Brzyzinski, the US White House became a “testosterone-free” zone. It was when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated that the Iranians quickly freed the US hostages. They acted wisely. If they had not done so, President Reagan may have resumed above-ground testing of American nuclear warheads…on Iranian soil.

I hope President Obama doesn’t listen to Brzezinski’s rantings. American voters are overwhelmingly pro-Israeli and many millions of Americans will be on their knees praying for the Israeli strike to be successful if it occurs. If Obama did anything as crazy as Brzyzinski advises, Obama’s political career in America would be over. President Obama and Mr. Brzyzinski ought to also read Zechariah 12:3.