There are more revelations about how pervasively our digital devices are spying on us. The first link reports that our TVs will soon have the same directed advertising features that computers have used for some time. Via the wonders of “Absolute television addressability,” we will soon be at the point where “your television will know who you are, what you like and who you voted for, and can individually send you an ad tailored to your desires.” Your television provider will soon be building a profile about you to enable it to target specific ads to your individual TV set instead of having all viewers watch the same commercial at once. Oddly, the article concludes that this will hurt the Don Trump presidential campaign and help the Jeb Bush presidential campaign. That sounds like wishful “establishment” thinking to me. What one candidate can do can be done by all of them equally. Since Trump has an almost bottomless wallet, he can surely hire experts to use this new technological ad-targeting technology as easily as can Jeb Bush. At any rate, if this technology is perfected in time for next year’s presidential campaign, expect to see all kinds of targeted TV ads designed to appeal to you instead of mass-audience ads sent to all viewers at once.

The second link explains more about the technical details of how this targeting process occurs on a television-signal provider’s hardware and software programs, so the “techies” who read this post will likely find it interesting. You will notice the date on the second link is 1-28-14, so this technology has been in the development stage for over a year and a half. The second link specifically describes how political ads can be targeted to specific localities and neighborhoods. I can’t help but think that none of this spying on people via their TVs or targeting advertising to people via their TVs could be occurring unless the US federal government had ordered the entire USA to switch from analog to digital TVs a few years ago. That act tells me that this digital surveillance on people via all forms of digital technologies was intentional and planned.

In a related story, it has just been revealed that Facebook’s technology has been able to be used to track the exact physical location from which a message had been sent to someone else. A 21-year Harvard student exposed this latent ability within the Facebook system and he publicized it to the world by inventing so everyone could tap into this Facebook capability. Facebook’s system could be used to locate a Facebook message sender’s location to within “less than a meter.” Facebook got upset that the Harvard student exposed this capability within the Facebook system, and withdrew an internship the Harvard student was to have begun with Facebook. The third link reveals that Facebook’s Messenger app “had been set up with automatic geolocation sharing since it launched in 2011” so it seems to me that this was an intentional feature designed into this Facebook program. This program could clearly be a terrific boon to law enforcement personnel, the NSA, all spy agencies as well as stalkers, kidnappers and criminals. It is my opinion that Facebook got angry at the Harvard student because he inadvertently exposed one of the “back-doors” used by the NSA in this Facebook social media program. One wonders how many other “back-doors” are still operational but not yet detected in social programs.

I grew up in an age with manual typewriters, party-line phone systems, operator-assisted phone calls, and black and white TV sets. When I was a child, there were no FM radio stations available in my region of the Midwest. Therefore, I continually marvel at how technology has advanced over recent decades. Indeed, it wasn’t that many years ago that we all using VCRs to record TV programs on VHS tapes. I recall when music was sold on 8-track technology, and the advent of cassette tapes was a huge step forward for music-lovers. Cell-phone technology isn’t all that old even today. The prophecy of a knowledge-explosion in the latter days, found in Daniel 12:4, has surely been fulfilled in the eyes of everyone of my generation. People born into the computer age can’t possibly appreciate how society and technology have changed so rapidly in just a few decades.

Every new revelation about how our technological devices are spying on us on a 24/7 basis not only dramatically fulfills the prophecy of Daniel 12:4, but it lays the groundwork for the prophesied “beast” system to be able to monitor, and ultimately control, all forms of human behaviors as is prophesied in Revelation 13:16-17.

One final thought. Revelation 11 prophesies that the Creator God, in the latter days, will send his Divinely-empowered Two Witnesses to upset the world’s applecart on a colossal scale. They will have the power to send plagues on nations, people or any entity “as often as they will” (verse 6). How activist will the Two Witnesses be? Will they order the world’s spy agencies to “dump all data” on all innocent people and disable all digital spying programs or be “targeted” themselves by a severe plague sent by these Two Witnesses? If so, it could make for some very interesting twists and turns in world events that even most Christians are not expecting. For more about these intriguing two prophets who will be empowered by God to wield what is prophesied to be unprecedented Divine powers, please read my article, The Two Witnesses. We do not know all that they will do, but Revelation 11:6 indicates God will give them what sounds like carte blanche spiritual power to wield. What can be predicted, I believe, is that their arrival on the world scene will throw a huge monkey-wrench into all the plans of all the global elites. If they literally have the powers prophesied in Revelation 11:6, they will be able to tell any and all governments, politicians, corporations, individuals, etc. to “do what they are told or else” they will be hit with increasing plagues until they comply (just as Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh in the Exodus account). To say the least, their arrival will greatly alter the course of global geopolitics for the three and half years of their ministry.