As national and international events continue to deteriorate rapidly, it is very incumbent upon Christians to pray for the well-being of our nation and its future. Don’t think that your individual prayers don’t matter. The Bible makes it clear that the prayers of God’s people can move him to change the course of nations in ways no national leaders thought possible. Indeed, as this previous post confirms, the Bible makes it clear the determined prayers of one person can alter the history of national and world events. My commentary was first posted in 2009 when national events looked very dismal in the aftermath of what was described as the near collapse of the global financial system. In many ways, the current situation in 2014 is even more ominous on both a national and international level due to the many crises which seem to defy any solution.

Please read my previous post and apply it in your prayer life. Take hope that God is not only willing, but eager, to hear your prayers of intercession for other people and for your nation’s well-being.

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