Steven Collins
June 10, 2008
Some international developments which are receiving scant attention in the main media sources could have a large biblical significance. This blog is for the purpose of passing on to readers some items sent to me by readers of this website’s blogs. Together they could form a pattern which could fulfill a biblical prophecy. Please realize I’m not predicting that they will fulfill prophecy, but since there is a possibility, I want readers to have the information so they can consider it as future events unfold. 
I’m sure all readers are familiar with the European bloc called the European Union (the EU) which has its own currency called the Euro. After French and Dutch voters turned down a more-unified EU structure a couple years ago, the European elites have re-invented the rejected EU measure and arranged for the parliaments of the European nations to approve this increased transfer of national sovereignty from European nations to a central EU authority. The French and Dutch voters have been disenfranchised this time (no sense in allowing public opinion to have a say!) and even the UK’s government “caved” and disenfranchised British voters as well (no sense in letting those Euroskeptics vote). Parliamentary members are so much more pliable and more easily manipulated than the voters of each nation. However, there is one “fly in the ointment.”
The first link below notes that the nation of Ireland is the only European nations whose voters will be allowed to vote on whether their nations cede sovereignties to the EU central government. France’s Foreign Minister has warned the Irish voters not to vote “no” to the grand plan of the EU’s bureaucrats. In a massively-disingenuous statement, a spokesman for the EU President simply said it was “very important that the Irish people exercise their right to vote.” The EU’s officials all worked overtime to deny the rights of everyone in all other European nations to “exercise their right to vote” so this statement by the EU President’s office reeks of hypocrisy. Presumably, if the Irish vote no (and polls are tight), it will throw a monkey wrench into the EU’s centralization plans. If they vote yes, the plan for supranational government in EU will be advanced.
Readers of this blog know that I have commented on the plans of North American elites to submerge American sovereignty into a North American Union (NAU) in a merger with Mexico and Canada. The new NAU would issue its own currency called an Amero. You can find many stories about the impending NAU and Amero in a websearch and the Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs cable-TV programs cover this story as well. Recently, the establishment media admitted the NAU was really the goal of the North American elites, albeit in an indirect manner. An article by Jim Hoagland in The Washington Post (see second link) broadly hinted to presumptive Democrat nominee Barack Obama that he should “be willing to sit down with the prime minister of Canada and the president of Mexico without preconditions”… “to seek a functioning American Union that pools sovereignty.” This article urges Barack Obama to create the NAU. The phrase “pooling sovereignty” is a euphemism for “surrendering US sovereignty.” If the US submerges its national sovereignty into an NAU, will the US Bill of Rights apply to the entire NAU. You can bet it won’t!  Will the First or Second Amendments even be binding within the USA any more? Perhaps the legal community will parse words so that “American” officials can’t limit free speech or seize firearms from the public, but the NAU’s officials could do so. The NAU could also assess taxes on which the citizens and the US Congress will not be allowed to vote. Also, who will appoint the new “king” (or “queen”) of the NAU? You can be sure the elites will not allow the voters to make this “important decision.” Hmm. I can bet that Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, George Bush or Jeb Bush might be candidates for such a powerful “insider” position.
The drive for global regional governments doesn’t end there. The third and fourth links below document that Latin American nations are starting the formation of a “Union of South American Nations” (UNASUR) which would pool the sovereignties of their nations you can be sure the voters will be disenfranchised there too). This South American Union is openly patterned after the EU, and it would coordinate military cooperation and weapons productions in Latin America. The 12 nations which formed UNASUR include both Venezuela (which has forged an alliance with Iran) and Chile and Colombia (which lean toward the USA) so its future course of action is not clear. Brazil and Argentina are included as well. This should be a headline item on the evening news, but the media largely ignored it.
The emergence of regional supranational governments around the world also foreshadows the creation of a new world government which will be over all the regional blocs. Revelation 13 prophesies that a global government with “seven heads and ten horns” (verse 1) will come into existence just before the return of Jesus Christ. This prophesied world government will be “over all kindreds, tongues and nations” (verse 7), and it will eventually impose its own global currency/economic system (verses 16-17). This global world government is likely to come into existence with many benign words and actions, but it will morph into a devilish entity before this age comes to an end. 
There are periodic reports that a “Pacific Rim” bloc of nations led by Japan will come into existence. Similar reports have surfaced regarding a Pan-African regional bloc, a Sunni Moslem bloc, a Shiite Moslem bloc, and an Indian-led bloc of Southeast Asian nations. If the world is aligned into seven such regional blocs, will these regional governments be the “seven heads” of the global Beast system? It is a possibility worth considering. Revelation 17:9 identifies the “seven heads” as “mountains” (prophetic symbolism for large nations or governments) and it also mentions the “ten horns.” Perhaps there will be ten regional blocs but only seven of them will have meaningful world power. We will have to watch world events carefully to see how these prophesies are fulfilled.
Revelation 17:15-18 prophesy that these seven heads and ten horns will make war against the “great whore” of Babylon the Great (see Rev.17:1-5). Earlier blogs have identified the current global monetary/economic system as that of Babylon the Great as it is based on the banking and economic system invented in ancient Babylon (see my article “What Kind of Captivity?”). Revelation 18 prophesies that this “Babylon the Great” system will come crashing down at the end of this age, and Revelation 17:15-18 prophesies the final global system of the Beast will “burn with fire” the great city of Babylon the Great. This prophecy indicates that the current world monetary/economic system will be overthrown and replaced with a new world economic/monetary system. The “ten horns” will rule with the Beast for only a “short space” and “one hour” (Rev. 17:9-12). This means this final world system will be very short-lived. It will also “make war with the Lamb” (Rev. 17:14) and the Lamb (Jesus Christ) will utterly destroy this final global world system when he returns at the head of an angelic army (Revelation 19:11-21).
Interestingly, Revelation 17:18 and 18:10 both indicate a single great city will be destroyed as Babylon the Great’s world system falls and is replaced by a final world system which will last only a brief period of time. New York City, London and Zurich all come to mind as cities which host key world financial/banking institutions. Will one of these cities be attacked by a “terrorist” nuclear bomb, destroying it and collapsing the current economic system? If a nuclear bomb goes off on either Wall Street or in “the City” in London, it is easy to imagine the collapse of the current global economy and a new one emerging in its place to “unite the world” and “fight global terrorism.” Media articles and the US Homeland Security Department have already warned about such possible terrorist attacks.
There is one important detail revealed by the Bible. When this “great city” of Babylon the Great falls, Revelation 17:15-18 reveal that it is the leaders of the “ten horns” of the Beast power which actually arranged the attack and “burnt with fire” the great city of Babylon the Great. While the Bible reveals that the elites of the new global system were actually the instigators of that attack, you can be sure that their fingerprints will not be on the attack as they blame it on “terrorists.” Indeed, they will come on the scene with their new global government as the ones with the “solution” to the problem.
Please understand that this is one possible fulfillment of these prophecies. They may be fulfilled in an alternate manner. However, if this scenario proves to be how Revelation’s prophecies unfold, it will signal that the end of this age and the return of Jesus Christ at the head of his heavenly army is not far away. Revelation 13:7 limits the rule of this global government to 42 months (three and one-half years). Interestingly, Revelation 11 prophesies that God will send two unbelievably powerful prophets, called the Two Witnesses, who will also have a three and one-half year ministry and they will plague the nations “as often as they wish” (verse 6). Some of the final plagues at the end of this age are poured out right “on the seat of the Beast” (Revelation 16:10-11). I’ll bet it is the Two Witnesses who will be able to plague even the “seat of the beast.” If you desire more in-depth, biblical information about these as-yet-unrevealed prophets, please read my article entitled “The two Witnesses,” available at this website.
Allow me to conclude with a comforting thought. It is entirely possible that when the Beast’s global government comes into existence, God unleashes his Two Witnesses and they will contend with the Beast government for three and one-half years. The Two Witnesses will have power to kill any who seek their harm and the Beast will have no power over them for three and one-half years. At the end of that time, the Two Witnesses are slain and they will lay dead before they are resurrected three and one-half days later. The Beast power will govern with unbridled power for only a very short time. You can read about the sorry end of the global “beast” leader and an allied charlatan religious leader called “the false prophet” in Revelation 19:20.,0,2025121.story