World Net Daily’s website, which is visited by a very large number of readers, ran a story about popular American commentator Glenn Beck’s discovery that the United States of America is descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel. My name and books were mentioned in the article along with two of my direct quotes.
I thought I’d pass along this story to readers of my blog. It is gratifying that a well-known, national website picked up this story and included information about me and my books in it. I was unaware that I and my books had been mentioned in this World Net Daily story until others drew this to my attention. I had not solicited the article or my inclusion in it. The story itself includes a quote from someone who disagrees with my books’ conclusions, but he offered no evidence to support his views. Obviously, he has not even read my books. There are also contributors in the “comments” section that mistakenly think the belief about a connection between the USA and the ten tribes of Israel is a “Mormon” doctrine, which it is not. I invite readers who have not done so yet to read my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy
Hopefully, this story will result in more people realizing the facts about the true Israelite heritage of the American (and many other western) people, and that it will further lead them to realize that there is a very real Creator God and that the Bible is his Divinely-inspired and scientifically-provable book. As more people become aware of America’s Israelite origins, I hope it will lead to an increased chance of national repentance within our nation.