Steven Collins
March 11, 2008
Many events are occurring on the world stage which receive little or no attention in the major American media. These events will eventually have existential applications for the entire western world, so it is remarkable that they go largely unnoticed. This posting is to provide links to a number of the news stories which have reported these important geopolitical developments.
The first link discusses China’s rapid production of submarines. It notes that China now already has “more submarines than Russia,” and, “by the end of the decade…China will have more submarines than the United States.” Next year is 2009, so the “end of this decade” is real close! The last major nation to go on a such a submarine-building spree during peacetime was Nazi Germany. Germany built its submarine fleet because it had every intention of going to war against the UK, France and (eventually) the USA. That should give the western world food for thought.
The second link openly declares that “America is attempting to forge a strategic alliance with India” to “counter China.” As has been discussed in previous blogs, the strategic links between India and the USA are growing and they also make geopolitical sense. India’s natural enemies are Pakistan and China, and (since Russia has a formal strategic alliance with China) potentially Russia as well. However, India’s direction is not yet certain. It is still trying to balance its growing relationship with the USA (and the Israelis) with its relationship with China. The third link notes that India and China have scheduled a joint military maneuver, so India’s future direction needs to be watched with close attention.
India is also taking steps to boost its own nuclear deterrence. The fourth link below reports that, in late February, India was planning its first-ever test of its own submarine-launched ballistic missile. As the report notes, a successful test would result in India becoming only the fifth nation with such a technological ability. India will not be testing the missile from an actual submarine, but one can be sure that once India knows the technology works, it will be installed in an Indian submarine.
Meanwhile, the USA continues to exhaust its army with overdeployments in the Iraq and Afghan wars. The fifth link below cites US Army officials as telling Congress that “the army is under serious strain and must reduce the length of combat tours as soon as possible” (emphasis added). Note the italicized words. The Army officials are all but saying the army has reached a breaking point. Obviously, the USA and the West are ill-prepared to handle an all-out war with Russia, China and Iran. However, that is what Ezekiel 38 says is certain to occur in the future. What that prophecy does not tell us is how many years into the future that attack will occur. However, the alliances prophesied by Ezekiel 38 are now in place, and one can see the trend lines. The Russian-led alliance is gathering its strength and the USA-led alliance is steadily being weakened by two endless wars.
However, the USA is hardly impotent. It has considerable strength left yet from the Reagan build-up at the “end of the Cold War.” Another field where the USA has made strides is in space warfare. A previous blog discussed the USA’s ability to down satellites (potentially) from any Aegis-equipped naval ship anywhere in the world. The sixth link below discusses the USA’s “lead” in space weaponry and considers some of the serious ramifications of a space war in which the great powers waged war against each other’s satellites. Even if the war was limited to space only, the impact on civilization would be colossal. Gone would be the global economic system, cell-phones, air travel, modern communications and navigation, etc. Check this link out to see how vital it is to be able to protect our nation’s satellites. The seventh link below, however, examines a great risk to the USA in space. It notes that within a few years when the international space station will come on line, the US fleet of space shuttles will be retired. That would leave Russia as the only nation with a capacity to send personnel to the space station. Do we see a “hostile takeover” of the space station coming in a future war? Consider who will “own space” if only Russia can access the space station. The USA will have “dropped the ball” immensely if it idles the space shuttle fleet with no replacement ready to come on-line to safeguard US access to the space station. Apparently, the EU is readying itself to send space vehicles to the space station, but the current capacity to do so would involve only unmanned flights. If so, Russia will be the sole nation which can launch manned missions to the space station. Am I the only person who sees a danger here?
Would Vladimir Putin’s new, imperial-sounding Russia ever do us harm? Ezekiel 38 says “yes,” and so does a common sense evaluation of modern geopolitics. It is time for the USA and the West to wake up to the evident and growing dangers posed by the new axis of Russia, China and Iran. However, the western world is too distracted by its entertainment culture, its economic problems and the current US presidential election to pay attention to its own legitimate security needs. Ezekiel 38:10-12 indicate that the future attack led by Russia, China, and Iran will come as a complete surprise to the nations of the latter-day “house of Israel (the modern descendants of the ten tribes of Israel who migrated out of the Mideast a very long time ago), so maybe the West will never wake up to the danger until the attack begins. Those who wish to see much hard evidence that many modern nations in the western world are descended from the ten tribes of Israel are invited to check out the book links at this website.,3566,332771,00.html