How far do you think they will get with this at this time?



Dear William,
Only time will tell how successful Obama will be at the Copenhagen Conference. My blog on 12/18/09 notes how the “global warming” crowd has lost much of its credibility as the world turns colder. Keep in mind Obama went to Copenhagen not long ago to “win the Olympics for Chicago” and his effort was a complete failure. The globalists (called Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18; see especially Rev. 18:3) are prophesied to have their system collapse utterly in the latter days (Rev. 17:9-18), so the current gaggle of globalists will ultimately fail in their goals for global governance. However, Babylon the Great’s system will be followed (perhaps after a period of chaos) by the beast system which is prophesied to be a global system for 42 months (Rev. 13:1-7, 17:12).