The Bible contains prophecies that there will be “wonders (or ‘signs’) in the heavens” during the latter days just prior to the return of Jesus Christ and the Day of the Lord. I think the Lord has begun to show some of these “wonders” in the heavens, and it appears that they are about to increase in their impact. In Joel 2:30, God promises to “show wonders in the heavens” at the end of our age, and that prophecy is repeated in Acts 2:19. 
As readers no doubt know, a huge meteorite passed through the atmosphere over Russia and exploded with what was originally reported as the force of an atomic bomb. Thankfully, the explosion occurred in a sparsely-populated area and the injuries were largely limited to people hit by flying glass when windows broke from the sonic boom or pressure wave of the aerial explosion. The event was caught on many cameras, and some videos are available at the first link—which also reports that the meteorite was 1000 times larger than first thought. Needless to say, if this meteorite had hit a major city the damage would have been catastrophic. God was merciful in not allowing that to happen…yet.
The second link also reports that an asteroid passed so close to the earth recently that it was actually closer to the earth’s surface than some manmade satellites orbiting the earth. That is missing the earth “by a whisker” in cosmic terms. Again, God was merciful. he didn’t allow the catastrophic damage that would have occurred if the asteroid had impacted into the earth.
I’ll share a sight I myself recently witnessed. On the evening of November 7th (the day after the American election) at about 10:15 PM, I was walking my dog and saw a meteor pass through the sky to the east of my city (Sioux Falls, SD). It passed across the constellation Orion and was at least 100 times brighter than any shooting star I’ve ever witnessed as it trailed a flaming trail of fire behind it. It traveled north to south and appeared to be taking a flat and level course (so it must have been passing laterally near the top of the earth’s atmosphere. I watched it for several seconds before it suddenly split into several smaller pieces and quickly went dark. It was a spectacular sight.
The third link and fourth link document that 2013 may be a historic year for bright comets visible to the naked eye. The third link states that one comet may “become brighter than the full moon and be visible in the daytime sky.” That link also includes a stunning depiction of how bright the comet may appear to viewers on earth at its peak in November, 2013. The fourth link also indicates one of these two comets may be as bright as a full moon and indicates that it may be the brightest comet seen on earth since 1680. Comets can be harbingers of major events happening (or about to happen on earth), or they can simply be coincidental to events on earth. Two major comet harbingers were the appearance of Halley’s Comet in conjunction with the battle of Hastings in 1066 AD when the Normans launched their successful invasion of England (see fifth link) and the comet which “hung over Jerusalem like flaming sword” [Saga America, by Barry Fell, p. 168] in 69 AD just before the fall of the of the Second Temple and the city of Jerusalem to the Roman invasion under Titus. Interestingly, the quote from Barry Fell’s book was linked to a stone with a Hebrew inscription found in Tennessee. It is called the Bat Creek stone and is described in my books on the history of the ten tribes of Israel. The Hebrew stone inscription found in Tennessee reads “A comet for the Jews,” and its presence in ancient North America indicates some survivors from the fall of Judea fled to the New World and took up residence in the American Middle South.
Meteorites, meteors, comets, supernovae and perhaps even UFOs are things in the heavens which are “wondered” at by mankind in our modern “latter day” period. An EMP blast which hits the earth from a solar flare and which “fries” satellites and/or electrical stations could also occur. We cannot always count on the Creator’s mercy in astronomical wonders and near misses if the earth’s nations and peoples continue to rebel against God and his laws. Revelation 8:8-11 indicates that there will be two celestial impacts on the earth at the very end of our age when the Creator makes his reality and sovereignty ever-more obvious to mankind. Mankind will be made to realize that it exists only at the sufferance of the Creator God. Revelation 8:8 prophesies “as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea” and the consequences include 1/3rd of ships and life in the sea being destroyed. An incoming large meteorite would look very much like a burning mountain hurtling toward the ocean from the skies so the prophet John’s description is very precise. To cause that much prophesied damage, it argues the meteorite would have to hit the Pacific Ocean, but that is just a personal speculation. Wherever it hits, the tsunamis that such an impact in the oceans would create would cause devastation throughout coastal cities and regions. Revelation 8:10-11 describes a second heavenly object hitting the mainland portion of the earth somewhere as it refers to it impacting on a region where rivers and “sources of waters” are located.
Mankind has largely forgotten about the Creator God, the greatest reality of all even though he is invisible to our eyes. As the heavenly signs and wonders increase in intensity as the latter days progress ever-closer to the return of Jesus Christ and the prophesied Divine intervention in mankind’s affairs, God will find more ways to compel mankind to “start looking up.”