Hello Steven,

When are you planning to reprint the lost tribes book?

Have any of your other books superseded it?

Best regards,

Bruce Armstrong


Dear Bruce,
There are no current plans to reprint my initial book on the ten tribes (The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!). My newer 4-book series not only supersedes the initial book, but provides readers with much new information that was not in the initial book. The newer 4-book series also has photographs, illustrations and indexes which were not in the initial book.  The four newer books were written to cover, in sequential order, the entire history of the tribes of Israel from the time of Abraham until the modern era. All four of the new books may be reviewed and ordered by clicking on the book links at this website. Some books also have free segments of their texts posted at this website as a bonus for readers of this website. Readers may also get an overview of the main points of my books by listening to my audio messages about the ten tribes of Israel at the “speeches” link at this website.