Events are taking shape that indicate that it is only a matter of time until another confrontation develops between Iran and its allies on one side and the Israelis on the other side re: the Gaza blockade (see third link) or some other issue. Iran and its allies have been trying to paint the Israelis as “oppressors,” but their real motive is to lift the maritime blockade of Gaza so they can smuggle heavy weapons into Gaza to kill many Israelis when and if a war breaks out in the future.

The first link warns that a new convoy of “aid ships” may soon be sailing toward Gaza from Lebanon, and the report adds that this “aid convoy” may even use explosives to damage their own ships in order to pretend the Israelis fired upon them. The Israelis are in a particularly difficult position, caught between the imperative need to secure their own safety and the need to somehow appease world opinion against the Israelis. The second link adds further details about how this maritime confrontation might develop. It also notes the growing reality that the “axis of state-sponsored terrorism” which now includes Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza has been increasingly joined by Turkey, which is in the process of betraying its NATO partners, its Ataturk heritage and the western alliance. I would also put North Korea in that axis as it has been repeatedly linked to the nuclear weapons programs in Iran and the embryonic one in Syria which was apparently wiped out by an Israeli raid.

The “axis of state-sponsored terrorism” directly threatens the survival of the current Sunni Islamic governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, and other Gulf Sheikdoms. The stronger the Iranian-backed alliance gets, the more severe becomes the threat to the survival of the Sunni Arabs and Egyptian Islamic bloc. I still think that the Sunni Arab governments will choose to cooperate with the Israelis against Iran instead of allowing themselves to be overthrown by Iranian-sponsored insurrections within their borders or via a war of conquest started by Iran. The wisdom of the old adage, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is still pushing the Sunni Arab nations and Egypt into, if not an alliance, at least a cooperative arrangement with the Israelis. Many previous blogs at this website have confirmed this trend is an on-going one.

There have been many indications that Iran is spoiling to pick a fight with the Israelis. It is always possible that a maritime battle off the coast of Gaza in the future could become the excuse for the Iranians to launch a Mideast War on their own terms and at a time of their choosing instead of waiting for a possible future Israeli and/or American attack upon Iranian nuclear facilities. Few pundits even consider this possibility, but if it is not the Gaza blockade, Iran could “arrange” some other crisis to start a war if it wishes to do so. The Israelis know it is a real possibility. To try to deter Iran from taking such a dangerous step, the Israelis have apparently made the decision to keep at least one the several Israeli submarines widely-believed to have nuclear-tipped cruise missiles on station regularly off Iranian waters (see fourth link below). One wonders how rational the Iranian leaders really are though. They may want a conflagration so their expected Shiite Mahdi or “hidden imam” figure can appear on the scene. Radical Shiite religious beliefs (not shared by Sunnis) could eventually start a Mideast War regardless of the circumstances on the ground. However, the Israelis still have God’s Promise of Divine protection in Zechariah 12:3 on which to rely. The Israeli nation will not disappear during our latter days period of time, much to the chagrin of Iran’s mullahs and leaders.

The final link below has a report that the Iranian plans to create an incident off the coast of Gaza have at least been temporarily delayed. That is good news. However, knowing the desire of the Iranians to “wipe Israel off the map,” it is only a matter of time till another crisis occurs. I thank readers of this blog for two of the links below.