Mr. Collins,
Have you thought of organizing another Ten Tribes conference, this time in conjunction with Yair Davidy? Are there any tapes/ CDs available re the 2007 conference you organized?
Steve Mathe




My webmaster sent me your inquiry. There is a possibility that Yair Davidy and I will co-host a seminar on the ten tribes in the future, but no date has been set yet. It will depend considerably on Yair’s travel schedule and available funding. Currently, there is inadequate funding for the event. If such a seminar does get scheduled, it will be featured at my website!
Last year, I did speak twice at a Conference in Portland, OR. I assume that is the one you referenced. I was not actually an organizer of the event. The host/organizing group was Beit Emet Congregation in Vancouver, WA. The messages were recorded, and I assume they would still be available. Please contact Ben Ehrhardt at: about the availability of tapes.
Thanks for your interest in a possible joint seminar with Davidy. Please feel free to refer others who have an interest in biblical history and prophecy to my website.